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Poorvaphalguni – The Marriage Bed

Poorvaphalguni (13.20 Leo-26.40 Leo) is ruled by Aryaman in the Vedic order, and Aryaman is the god of unions and contracts. It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and arts. Poorvaphalguni is also known as the Bhagadaivata star which stands for development and creation.

Poorvaphalguni is responsible for union and creation, and symbolizes good luck and fortune. This nakshatra resembles the back legs of a cot and it translates into ‘the former’, ‘the former reddish one’ or ‘the fig tree’.

Behavioral Characteristics

The intense battles of Magha end in Poorvaphalguni where there is naturalness, relaxation and pleasure. There is calmness after the storm. The most recreational of all nakshatras, Poorvaphalguni offers shelter from the travails of life. The sense of self has been firmly established and now is the time for self-absorption to attain its climactic stage. The focus is solely on the self and with the influence of Leo, and Poorvaphalguni becomes the most theatrical of the nakshatras.




The natives of Poorvaphalguni display a strong penchant towards being liked and noticed by others and desire accomplishment in their respective fields. Hence, most of them fall prey to pretension. For these natives, it is hard to acquire new learning as they cannot look beyond their existing scope. They have a self-indulgent eccentric nature that performs within the existing social standards.

Poorvaphalguni by nature is a cruel nakshatra and is capable of ruthlessness, especially when an external force interferes with its relaxation. It is true when they are deprived of the amount of attention they deserve. Despite their ego and vindictiveness, Poorvaphalguni natives are delighted at appreciating the subtle benevolences of life.

Poorvaphalguni radiates leonine warmth, with a laid back attitude and patrons of life’s pleasures even when luxury to them is unaffordable. A lot of their time is devoted towards self-exploration and making themselves comfortable. Poorvaphalguni relates to ‘prajanana shakti’ or the power to procreate, symbolized the male above and the female below. The macrocosmic/microcosmic union of the polar opposites stands for family and procreation.

Padas or Quarters

The first pada falls on the Leo Navamsa which is ruled by the Sun. It represents the self. Evolved natives can use their willpower to educate the minds of their surroundings, although younger natives will demonstrate their ego. Regality and dignity are important. Jupiter, Ketu, Sun and Mars can work well and provide executive abilities.

 The second pada falls on the Virgo Navamsa which is ruled by Mercury. The quarter is represented by its hardworking nature and sobriety out of these lazy and pompous padas. The highlights are on enterprise and trade. If the Mercury is well-placed, the native can acquire common sense and maximum gains through trading.

The third pada falls on the Libra Navamsa which is ruled by Venus. The pada brings out the creativity of Venus. The focus is on harmony, refinement, relaxation, travel, creation, counseling and appreciation of beauty. Being a Pushkara Navamsa pada, most planets can get good results from the Sun, with a strong placement of Venus.

 The fourth pada falls on the Scorpio Navamsa which is ruled by Mars. It stands for intense emotions, family life, valor and self-reflection. Strong passions characterize the Martian nature. There is also a lot of complexity and unnecessary strife. Only if the Jupiter and Sun are well-placed, the inner positive qualities can be realized.


Government Officials; executives; animal trainers; diplomats; entertainers; beauticians; gemstone industry; women-based products; makeup artists; photographers; models; event managers; musicians; singers, art gallery managers; teaching profession; dye makers; creative artists; physical fitness trainers; jobs associated with weddings, wedding ceremonies & childbirths; interior designers and decorators; doctors including allopath and naturopath experts; sleep therapists; sex therapists; masseurs; biologists; tourism and leisure industry; dating agencies; creation and distribution of incense; toiletries and venus products; jewelers and goldsmiths; silk, wool, cotton industry; secretarial jobs

Gana: Poorvaphalguni is a ‘manusha’/human nakshatra, with strong involvement in social duties like relationships and procreation, for sustaining the drama of life.

Favorable Activities

Authority, persuasion, romance, marriage, sex, resolving disputes, rest, relaxation, art, singing, painting, charisma, property, construction

Unfavorable Activities

Reduction of ego, beginnings, curing diseases, illness


Poorvaphalguni natives should worship the goddess Lakshmi and those related to wealth and procreation, or Lord Shiva through his lingam. They should chant the root mantra “Om Cham” 108 times during the lunar transition of this nakshatra to alleviate afflictions. Wearing various light colors like yellow, white, pink and pastel shades is also recommended. All important actions should correspond to the course of this constellation for best results.


In the words of Varahamihira, the lunar influence gives Poorvaphalguni pleasant appearance, manners, wandering and serves the government. Madonna is a typical Poorvaphalguni native used by the people in power for determining popular trends.












 Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.








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