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Mrigasira – The Deer Head

Mrigasira (23.20 Taurus-6.40 Gemini) is ruled by Soma, the Moon god who personifies the immortal nectar. Mrigasira is the initiator of Martian energy who is represented in the celestial firmament by a bright star and 3 relatively paler stars in the constellation Orion.

Mrigasira can be translated as the ‘deer head’ due to the shape that this constellation forms. The other names for this nakshatra are Saumya which means ‘benevolent’, Chandra or Udupa which mean moon, and Arghayani or ‘commencement of the year’.

Behavioral Characteristics

‘Quest’: this is the word that best describes the natives of Mrigasira which can be traced to its ruling deity Parvati. She is seen as looking for the ideal spouse, true knowledge or physical/mental experiences. As the most curious nakshatra, Mrigasira resembles the planet Rahu and its search brings fulfillment and enlightenment. In lesser pursuits, Mrigasira brings temporary contentment, disillusionment and sorrow.

The seeking quality makes Mrigasira good at creativity. It transits like the deer from one experience to the next. On a negative note, this is identical to a person following the mirage and it gives rise to duplicity, superficiality and fickleness. As the mind is the focus of Mrigasira, their mental dexterity gives them the power to grasp complex things easily. However, the tendency to overexert themselves leads to nervousness and mental exhaustion.

The physical build of Mrigasira natives is delicate with a jovial face and gentle manners. They are restless and convey nervousness in their appearance. They are also spontaneous, enthusiastic and love socializing. Their soul is creative which enjoys oral and written communication. Their sense of satire makes them good humorists, and despite their sociability, they are naturally shy. Mrigasira has this inherent love for life and their whimsicality prevents them from relating to others for no apparent reason.

Mrigasira natives have a highly suspicious, with the ability to sense danger. This can be troublesome especially in marriage and domestic bickering. Strong influences of this nakshatra generate marital disharmony which can be cured if the partners give each other ample space. The arrival of Mercurial energy sows seeds of discrimination. Despite its lightness, Mrigasira is fixed in terms of its attitudes and opinions.

Mrigasira makes one conscious of their life path by undergoing a variety of experiences in pursuit of a singular purpose. However, for less developed souls, Mrigasira goes through an endless maze without a final destination to arrive at. This constellation refers to ‘pirana shakti’ which refers to the power of fulfillment. The symbolism refers to weaving through the labyrinth of life to consummate creativity out of confusion.

Padas or Quarters



The first pada falls in the Leo Navamsa and is governed by the Sun. it is associated with the unyielding aspect of Mrigashira which expresses its experiences through creative and artistic endeavors.

The second quarter falls on the Virgo Navamsa which is ruled by Mercury. It stands for the humorous, satirical, calculative and discriminatory aspect. Strong mental abilities and conversational acumen are evident. There is a fusion of the planetary energies of Venus and Mercury in a way that expresses the practical nature of the natives.

 The third pada lies in the Libra Navamsa which is governed by Venus. It is the first pada of Mrigashira to fall in Gemini, emphasizing sociability and the desire to explore the mental aspect of relationships. There is here a fusion of Venusian and Mercurial energies, like in the previous quarter. However, overall, the pada is more elusive and hence strong material results cannot be generated.

 The fourth pada is the Scorpio Navamsa which is ruled by Mars. The pada is associated with the argumentative, intellectual, flaky, superficial and whimsical aspects. Not as superficial as the Libran predecessor, Scorpio intellectualizes matters instead of probing into the heart of things. This pada expresses most of the negative attributes of Mrigashira. Only in evolved souls it can function wisely, although with appropriate guidance.



All kinds of artists; singers, musicians, linguists, poets, painters; writers, thinkers; romantic novelists; dealers in earth products, gemstone dealers; people in the garment and textile industries; trendsetters, fashion designers; veterinarians; professions dealing with pet animals; gardeners, farmers, landscapers; advertising agencies, salespersons; real estate developers; forestry workers; navigators, map workers; cartographers; explorers; travelers; psychics, astrologers; teachers especially those who deal with beginners; clerks, artisans and commentators.

Gana: Mrigasira is a ‘deva’/divine nakshatra that identifies with the astral rather than human plane, which makes Mrigasira a refined constellation.

Favorable Activities

Lighthearted actions, travel, exploration, sexual activity, arts, healing and rejuvenation, education, socializing, shifting home, communication, religion and spirituality, sales and advertisement, taking new name

Unfavorable Activities

Marriage, harsh activities, confrontations


Mrigasira natives should worship Parvati and the Moon. They should also chant the root mantra “Om Em” 108 times during the lunar transition of this nakshatra to alleviate afflictions. Wearing bright colors is also recommended. All important actions should correspond to the course of this constellation for best results.


In the words of Varahamihira, the lunar influence gives Mrigasira a fickle, shrewd, joyful and wealthy aspect. Parvati herself has her moon in Taurus Mrigasira, and hence she can assume various incarnations of entirely differing attributes.











 Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.






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