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Krittika – The Razor

Krittika (26.40 Aries-10.00 Taurus) is the root source of solar energy, represented by a group of 7 stars, the Pleiades. This constellation was seen by Vedic astrologers to represent a necklace and hence its galactic importance was significant. Ruled by the god of fire, Agni, Krittika is the storehouse of the passive agent that nurtures power.

Krittika denotes the ‘Cutters’, which has more to do with femininity than male power. Just like a cutting instrument, Krittika symbolizes construction as well as destruction of mental and emotional impulses.

Behavioral Characteristics

Krittika is said to be the Sanskrit root for the word ‘critical’. Hence, the basic nature and function of this constellation can be easily surmised. The critical and fault finding aspect of Krittika can be accounted for as this nakshatra aims to penetrate the underlying cause of all kinds of imperfections between appearance and reality. Krittika cannot withstand imperfections which impedes achievement.

If your planet is on Krittika, you have a fiery energetic aspect that is also straightforward. Your penetrating and blunt manners are intimidating, although this is not the case every time. Krittika natives are socially graceful as well. Their extreme temper, although short-lived, is demonstrated only when roused.

The rage of Krittika is that of the Sun, rather than that of Mars, which is enduring and vengeful. The King/Sun does not need to have sustaining anger, while the Soldiers/Mars need it to sustain them for fighting battles.

The feminine, caring and nurturing facet of Krittika is often concealed beneath their stern exteriors. Despite the destructive element, we require fire for warmth and cooking, which is essential for life. This prospect makes Krittika sustain the social sphere. They channel their warmth, determination and independence to support others. Krittika can even eliminate others by their sharp tongue unintended.

In its cosmic configuration, Krittika relates to ‘dahana shakti’ which refers to its power to sever ties with the corporal. The heat and light symbolism relates this nakshatra to all functions related to fire like cooking, purification, molding and melting. The creative urge of Krittika also relates to that of the Moon, which unfolds the presence of the sun. It acts when it has a direction in mind and hence those with a prominent Krittika in their charts have a sudden way of demonstrating their energy.

The nakshatra is spiritually aware which makes it undergo extreme purification. Krittika is determined to chart its way towards developing its innate nature and hence it will not hesitate it eliminating any impediment along the way. There are sudden ups and downs as well.

Padas or Quarters


The first quarter or pada of this asterism falls in the Sagittarius Navamsa which is ruled by Jupiter. The pada is extremely altruistic, generous and moralistic. Their daredevil aspect makes them associated with military pursuits. This is why it is called the explorer. Planets convey a lot of strength, stamina and willpower, with planets Sun, Ketu, Jupiter and Mars being especially prominent.


The second pada falls in the Capricorn Navamsa which is governed by Saturn. The pada has a keen sense of ethics, although it has a more material rather than spiritual vision. Its spirituality is also expressed through matter. The scope lies in arranging matter for creating a motherly and caring environment. Krittika experiences its maternal elements here at its heights. Natives influenced by this pada provide sustenance when it is most necessary. The Moon is exalted at its heights in this stage. Mars and Saturn are exalted as well. However, the placement of Mars here depends more on receiving nourishment than providing it.


The third pada falls in the Aquarius Navamsa which is ruled by Saturn. It is humanitarian and altruistic combining futuristic visions and the primitive knowledge of the principles. The stress is on the significations of the 10th house such as the collective duty of the individual. The quarter promotes all kinds of learning and is hence known as the university sign of the zodiac. As no planets are debilitated in Aquarius, they function efficiently in their particular domains.

The fourth pada rests on the Pisces Navamsa which is governed by Jupiter. The specialty of this pada is that it can determine its sensibility on the material plane. It leads to group work of all kinds in a benevolent and joyous manner. Hence, planets are more creative in group situations. Being a Pushkara Navamsa pada, all planets can provide good results here. Ketu, Venus and Jupiter can make the maximum use of the energies of this pada, although Mercury does not find prominence.




Managers, critics, generals, university jobs, generals and people in authority, surgeons, lawyers, judges, swordsmen, fencers, blacksmiths, glassmakers, jewelers, people making swords and sharp instruments; military professions, police, fire fighters, people working in orphanages and foster care homes, creative arts involving the use of fire, all kinds of rehabilitation including addicts of smoking, drug, alcohol, obesity; professions for self-improvement and assertiveness; spiritual teachers promoting purification methods or worship including the Fire and Sun; professional archers or dart players; fire sacrifices and fire dancers; barbers; tailors; hairdressers; work with needles like vaccinators and embroiderers; miners; gold diggers; cooks; people making clay products for creating ceramic objects and building houses; furnace makers; those making cooking utensils; trade tools; all professions including the use of sharp objects and fire.

Gana: Krittika is a rakshasa/demonic nakshatra that is cold blooded and merciless, as well as unforgiving

Favorable Activities

Fire worship/purification, leaders, executives, cooking, embroidery, sewing, shaving, cutting, honesty, frankness, drumming, and debates, extracurricular activities

Unfavorable Activities

Social interactions, diplomacy, relaxation, rest, activities involving water


The natives of Krittika should indulge in the worship of Kartikeya, the Sun and must chant the Gayatri mantra. They must also be respectful towards the 7 wives of the Pleiades. The root mantra “Om Im” and “Om Oo” should be chanted 108 times during the lunar transition of this nakshatra to alleviate afflictions. Wearing bright colors is also recommended. All important actions should correspond to the lunar course of this constellation for best results.


In the words of Varahamihira, the lunar influence gives Krittika pleasant appearance, fondness for others’ spouses, appetite and fame.







 Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.













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