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Dhanishta – The Flute

Dhanishta (23.20 Capricorn-6.40 Aquarius) is governed by Vasus, the God of the Flute. This star is known to bring symphony in the lives of others, being placed under the custody of Mars.

The Dhanishta constellation is also known to be drum-shaped or dolphin-shaped. The term Dhanishta translates into ‘the most benevolent’ or ‘the wealthiest’. It is also known as the Shravishta, which is Sanskrit for ‘the famous’ or ‘someone who is the most heard of’.

Behavioral Characteristics

The inherent nature of this nakshatra is said to be derived from the influence of its eight presiding deities: Apah (musical ability, confidence, and vanity), Druva (fixedness, hard work, dependability, and obstinacy), Dhara (wisdom, charity, conversation, and talkativeness), Anila (commercial skills, resource, motivation, and worry), Anala (energy, sharpness, and bad temper), Pratyusha (radiance, joy, hope, and music), Prabhasa (good nature, purity, aspirations), and Soma (sensitivity, gentility, indulgence, deception).

It is evident from the above that Dhanishta is a connoisseur of the good life and that it has a wide spectrum to its personality. As one of the most expressive nakshatras, Dhanishta is adaptable and flexible. Dhanishta rising on the charts can mean that the native will be radiant, confident and possess a disarming smile. The ability to strike conversations easily makes them adept at ensuring the comfort zone of the other person. It is generally true of natives born under Aquarius.

As a social nakshatra, Dhanishta loves group activities, being aware of its ‘dharma’ or ‘aim’. They also choose partners who have a personality that is different from theirs. This may lead to conflict in marital life. Dhanishta, in its ability to tune itself to its surroundings, may become susceptible to the falling standards of the media and hence act in a degenerative manner.

In the cosmic cycle of constellations, Dhanishta is represented by ‘khyapayitri shakti’ which refers to the power to bestow fame and abundance. Twin influences of birth and prosperity makes Dhanishta attain the pinnacle of success, something that can directly be related to Capricorn. When their achievements are made in relation to the cosmic intent, Dhanishta takes on an enduring significance.

Padas or Quarters

The first pada falls on the Leo Navamsa which is ruled by the Sun. It is ambitious and combines the effects of Mars, Saturn and the Sun. The focus is on worldly achievements. The Sun prevents the native from being successful in marriage, being too aggressive. The native’s undertakings are successful and they can attain the limelight.

The second pada falls on the Virgo Navamsa which is ruled by Mercury. It is skilled and communicative being highly adaptable and successful in one’s selected goals. The mutable nature of Mercury is not good for marriage. However, the coordination of the mind and body promotes good athletic and musical skills.

 The third pada falls on the Libra Navamsa which is ruled by Venus. It makes the individual social, musical, group oriented, happy, optimistic and wealthy. As Venus naturally indicates harmony, marriage is successful. With its subtlety and refinement, the pada excels in fine arts, astrology, music and spirituality.

 The fourth pada falls on the Scorpio Navamsa which is ruled by Mars. With excessive Martian energy, the native has a rhythmical aspect. It excels in the creative arts that require too much energy like drumming etc. Sympathetic to the underdog, there can however be marital discord due to its aggression. The warrior like attitude promotes athletic ability and prowess.


Dancers; musicians; management jobs in the entertainment industry; creative arts; dealers of gems and precious metals; athletes; group coordinators; realtors; landscape artists; financiers; warriors; poets; song composers; scientists; computer workers; makers of musical instruments; vocalists; psychic mediums; astrologers; yogic healers; medical practitioners; surgeons; high tech workers; versatile and multitasking workers; managers.

Being highly versatile, this nakshatra can work in all kinds of professions especially those that include large sums.

Gana: Dhanishta is a ‘rakshasa’/demonic nakshatra, since it is lcosely related to Mars and Saturn, with the aim of bringing a change in the present.

Favorable Activities

Religion, ceremonies, group work, music, dance, concerts, pomp, moveable and immoveable property, travel, proactive approaches, clothes, money lending, finance, jewelry, healing, education, fame, high tech equipments

Unfavorable Activities

Marriage, sexuality, giving up old habits, partnerships, household work, tact, gentleness


Dhanishta natives should worship Goddess Durga, who rides the lion or the half-Vishnu/half-Shiva Hari Hara, and chant the root mantra “Om Yam” and “Om Ram” 108 times during the lunar transition of this nakshatra to alleviate afflictions. Wearing red, gold and blue is also recommended. All important actions should correspond to the course of this constellation for best results.


In the words of Varahamihira, the lunar influence gives Dhanishta a liberal, wealthy and rich appearance. AR Rahman is a typical Dhanishta native.






 Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.







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