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Aslesha – The Serpent



Aslesha (16.40 Cancer-30.00 Cancer) is ruled by the Serpent God and identifies with the heraldry of Mercurial energy. It is where Ketu is born. Aslesha is also known by the name Naga, which relates to the serpent deity. The nakshatra indicates serpentine qualities like clinging, entwining or embracing.


The primary symbol of this asterism is the coiled snake which can even be found in all the ancient civilizations of the world. All civilizations have a cold blooded and deceptive aspect to them, while at the same time they are also insightful, semi divine and carnal.


Behavioral Characteristics


Various words in English use the alphabets of Aslesha (da, di,do): demon, deceit, debauchery, delusion, darkness, desperation, devil, danger and the like. You can find them out yourself. The common feature however that binds these words is that it is not possible for Aslesha to function benevolently while working on the mundane plane. It is extremely difficult to cope with the energies of this nakshatra or handle it appropriately. The Vedic astrologers identified this constellation with the esoteric and the occult.


The marked features of Aslesha natives are square faces, parallel, wide and thin lips, beady eyes, suspicious looks, a pale complexion, lack of attractiveness and sexual appeal. Their snake-like movement makes others attracted to them. Adept at social graces, Aslesha natives flatter others with courteous approaches. To rise up the social ladder, they are often deceitful, ruthless and plotting. Anyone with above average perceptiveness can spot their scheming nature. Additionally, they are always worried and cautious.


The suspicious nature of Aslesha makes them good observers and intuitive individuals. They function best in situations where there is lurking danger. Sometimes, the suspicion can make them paranoid and schizophrenic. Presence of the Aslesha energy breeds social suspicion and fear. This makes the natives lurk behind genuine thoughts and feelings. It also makes them miserly and when deceiving others, they are also deceived in return.


Their natural affinity towards poison is complemented with mental games like strategy. Aslesha nakshatra has a natural affinity for cooking and in business, they often employ deceptive methods. The ‘visasleshana shakti’ attribute to them the power of inflicting poison on others.


Padas or Quarters


The first pada falls on the Sagittarius Navamsa which is ruled by Jupiter. It represents effort and hard work. There is a lot to do with enmity; disease and the 6th house of affairs.


The second pada falls on the Capricorn Navamsa which is ruled by Saturn. The quarter is generally involved in dealings with people. It is extremely ambitious and uses all of Ashiesha's negative traits such as deceit and trickery to achieve its ends. It is also unable to give up possessions. A Ganda Mula pada, it is not suitable for finances.


The third pada falls on the Aquarius Navamsa which is ruled by Saturn. Secrecy is the watchword here, associated with the occult side of the nakshatra. The pada can go to unusual lengths and take inventive approaches to plotting and scheming. Planets adversely affect the wellbeing of the mother.



The fourth pada falls on the Pisces Navamsa which is ruled by Jupiter. It stands for all types of illusions, symbolizing moral struggle. This is where the Ashlesha serpent is finally slain. People under the influence of this pada generally get swayed by others, but cannot deceive others so much. These natives act and do not generally reveal their true nature. Planets here affect the health of the father figure.




Professions related with poisons; chemical engineers; petroleum industry; cigarette industry; legal and illegal druggists; politicians; manipulators who work behind the scenes; con artists; psychologists; pornography industry; swindlers; prostitutes; thieves; snake charmers; professions involving reptiles; allopathic surgeons & doctors; poachers; snake and cat owners; secret service agents; physical yoga teachers; pawnbrokers; tantrics; lawyers; spies; psychiatrists; psychologists; spirit mediums; hypnotists; psychics; baseball players; cult leaders; fake gurus



Gana: Aslesha is a ‘rakshasa’/demonic nakshatra, its celestial representation, Hydra, is considered the most dangerous of all demons, which makes the natives cruel, selfish and wicked.


Favorable Activities


Harsh measures like filing lawsuits, poisoning, scheming against enemies, carnality, short term prospects, Kundalini yoga


Unfavorable Activities


Beginnings, lying in the background, business, dealing with money




Aslesha natives should worship the Snake God by performing all kinds of serpent rituals like Sarpa Homaand Naga Panchami by feeding milk to snakes, and chant the root mantra “Om Kham” and “Om Gam” 108 times during the lunar transition of this nakshatra to alleviate afflictions. Wearing dark colors like red or black is also recommended. All important actions should correspond to the course of this constellation for best results.




In the words of Varahamihira, the lunar influence gives Aslesha gluttonous and crafty natures. Indira Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi is a typical Aslesha native.




Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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