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Moon in Virgo - Kanya Rashi Ė The Virgin



This indicates that your moon is in Virgo

Virgo is a feminine, mutable earth sign governed by Mercury


Lucky Color: Green

Gemstone: Emerald

Lucky Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Materials: Grain, lentil, green vegetables

Body Part: Nerves, bowels


Virgo is governed by intellect, activity and pursuit of knowledge, a keen sense of perception and tendency to grasp things fast. Interested in diverse fields, Virgo specializes in one branch and excels in it. Kanya is meticulous, reserved, practical, honest, soft-spoken and amiable. Virgo has a good number of friends of either sex, with someone or the other to speak well of them. One of the surprises of Virgo is that they see success and wealth courting them unasked. Intuition and imaginativeness makes Virgo go for mysticism. Being versatile, Virgo is characterized with excellent wisdom and dexterity.


Kindness and modesty go hand in hand, although the latter, if not kept in moderation, may lead to lost opportunities. They need to develop self-confidence, lest overridden by less qualified competitors. Kanya is truthful, honest and punctual, and an unthinkingly made promise can lead them to go out of their way to fulfill it. They also need to overcome the tendency to be intimidated or overwhelmed by others. Virgo is extremely discriminating which makes them excellent managers.


At work, Virgo denies personal interest and is highly dependable due to their strict code of conduct. They make excellent secretaries, bookkeepers, and clerks. Though they are not heading affairs, removal of a Virgo may lead to a total collapse of the system, though not many will come to know of it. The Virgo nature is to execute tasks according to the rules of the organization, although when time for acknowledgement comes, they direct it to the leaders. Virgo is naturally hard-working and is an inspiration to others.


The influences of perseverance and dedication make Virgo come to the fore sooner or later, although they need to overcome their shyness. Often inclined towards the arts and classical literature, Virgo does not like help from others which can make them irritable. Kanya is aware of othersí shortcomings and is thoroughly critical of them, which makes them serious, wise and steady. They love traveling and donít tire easily. The sharpness of Virgo mind makes them alert for making the right move at the right time. They are sanitation-advocates and prefer a vegetarian diet. They have a slender build that is frail, but alert. An evolved Virgo never asks for praise and has a strong affinity towards sex.


Kanya Man


The dignified appearance of the Virgo man is complemented by bashfulness and a soft spoken nature. The Virgo is naturally unorthodox and skeptical, and often has a tendency to club science with religion. The sign may have effeminate and delicate qualities and is in the habit or laughing which can embarrass the audience if they donít get the joke. A busy life beckons Virgo more than a countryside living. However, the bustle of city life may not be congenial for the digestive health of Virgo.


Kanya Woman


The Virgo lady is sweet, soft-natured and has delicate features. They give tantalizing side glances that make them appear irresistible to others. The Kanya lady is neat, extremely organized and active. Her home is a model of taste and decorum, and they make conscientious parents. She is a connoisseur of art and has lots of friends who may be offset by her logical approach to things. Her healthy attraction for men, and sometimes married men, can make her appear strange at times. An unbalanced diet can make her digestive tract vulnerable to constipation.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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