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Moon in Taurus - Vrishabha Rashi – The Bull



This indicates that your moon is in Taurus

Taurus is a feminine earth sign governed by Venus


Lucky Color: White, multicolored patterns

Gemstone: Diamond

Lucky Days: Friday (Wednesday, Saturday)

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Materials: Flowers, wheat, textiles, rice

Body Part: Throat


Vrishabha or Taurus can be best described as the pillar of the community. They are reserved, patient and hardly bother about what others think. Their stability makes these natives unshaken and obdurate even in the face of adversity, pushing ahead gradually. The influence of Venus gives Taurus a generous social disposition and a well-settled and contented life, despite struggle in the initial years. Taurus resembles a bull in the sense that they can withstand severe troubles, hardly traumatized by twists of fate.


Again just as its symbol, Taurus desires a quiet retreated life in the calmness of the pastures. They don’t like rushing after aims and ambitions and believes in inner faith that if it is destined, they will achieve it by the sheer influence of Providence. The Bull cannot be intimidated and will do anything to start from the scratch, requiring appreciation for their efforts and values. The endeavoring nature of the Taurus personality makes them adept at initiating new businesses and activity, although their rage cannot be controlled. Small time goals are not as appealing as is the love for others.


Vrishabha is God-fearing and deeply religious, though this may lead to orthodox opinions. These natives are more likely to fast, observe penance and pray. The other characteristics describing them are influential, reverential, powerful and liberal. The Bull is capable of giant strides as they are capable of taking up any task and stay attached to their plan. They are very intelligent and have the capacity to make a judgment. They can be practical, cheerful, resourceful and kindhearted. The native is prudent and skilled in administrative affairs. They usually sacrifice their time lest they disappoint friends.


Taurus adores a life of luxury, and might at times seem indifferent of others’ feelings. The Venusian child is attracted to all kinds of creative pursuits. They have a beautiful physique with large thighs and full hips, and are connoisseurs of food and taste. Intrigues in love are attractive, although these are often avoided. As Venus is naturally beneficial, Taurus readily acquires wealth, and can be ideal as teachers, artists, mechanics and farmers. Taurus men are more drawn towards secretive affairs, while the Taurus female prefers muscular, romantic men.


Vrishabha Man


The native male is steady, controlled, obstinate and wild. They are conservative citizens who readily absorb responsibility, although they tend to laziness, unless pushed by their wife. He is generous with his close circle, and reserved before others. Reliability, thrift and accumulation are the qualities that describe the Taurus man best. The hoarding nature is something that ensures a financially contented life later on. The apparent calmness hides a passionate and aroused interior which prefers vast open spaces. A Taurus man loves family life and has a fair complexion, rounded face, and a captivating smile.


Vrishabha Woman


The naturally charming well-proportioned figure of the Taurus lady is complemented by attractive eyes, and lips. She has a passive behavior, is respectful to elders and is lazy and sensual. She loves sociability, pleasure and men, thanks to her loving nature that makes her husband care for her. Generally, the Vrishabha woman marries well and enjoys reading and trips. She loves being dominated by her spouse, although the case is quite the reverse owing to her natural attractiveness and sex appeal. Beautiful dresses, ornaments and perfumes are her likings and her friends are creative. Carefulness and a conscientious approach to work make the Taurus lady capable of fending for herself. Her throat, neck and tonsils are vulnerable. Their soft nature makes for a pleasant charming company.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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