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Moon in Sagittarius - Dhanus Rashi – The Centaur



This indicates that your moon is in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a masculine, mutable fire sign governed by Jupiter


Lucky Color: Yellow

Gemstone: Yellow sapphire

Lucky Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Materials: Salt, roots, textiles, corn, animals

Body Part: Thighs


Sagittarius is represented by a half-horse with a bow and arrow, the latter being ready to be shot. Hence, it is no wonder that these natives aim for high ambitions, achievements, and noble causes. Governed by the positive energies of Jupiter, the Dhanus native is blessed with a natural quest for knowledge, perceptive powers and courage. In fact, Sagittarian kids are so keen as to perplex their parents. This is why they may not be too interested in classroom lectures and presentations meant for the slow learners. One of the outstanding qualities of Sagittarius is to set their goals beyond the perception of others, and sometimes even of themselves.


The influence of Jupiter directs their interest to astrology, chanting and yoga. Irrespective of the rank they are born into, Dhanusa is bound to transcend it. The natives of this rashi have a stately appearance, and majesty is even reflective in their speech. People who are born under this sign always remember favors that are rendered to them, and like the centaur that is free of spirit, Dhanus natives detests limitations and least tolerates domination. Unlike the Taurus Bull that is fenced off in a pasture, the Dhanus Centaur runs free.


Sagittarius is the first to revolutionize society from the shackles of traditional constraints, because they believe in effecting social change. Their sixth sense can be excellent predictors. The natives of this rashi, with their full lips, broad forehead, large teeth and nose and thick neck present persons of solid build, despite the thin shoulders. The most notable feature is the bright and welcoming expression. They are connoisseurs of food and love delicately prepared fare with butter and desserts. However, culinary or sexual excesses should be avoided.


People of this rashi are born intellectuals and are deeply interested in innovativeness and creativity. They are experts in any kind of work that requires application of knowledge and insight. In fact, they can be successful in marriage through adjustment and compromise, and without these, they could land in divorce. Dhanus has a fan following on account of their leadership skills, although they may be completely apathetic to their own relatives. In fact, Sagittarius happens to be one of the best moon signs as their strengths outweigh their weaknesses.


Dhanus Man


Since Jupiter has attractive physical features, the Dhanus man is handsome, well-built, robust and sportive in appearance. The muscular physicality of the Sagittarian man makes him adept in sports, horse riding, and other activities requiring physical exercise. He can even take on all kinds of mental challenges and is trustworthy since he is frank and sincere, seldom approving of deceit and treachery. The sense of duty and loyalty makes him ideally suited as a spouse and father. The Sagittarian temper is quick to flare and needs control. The inherent penchant for orderliness and fair play is his motto and he firmly believes in forgetting and forgiving.


Dhanus Woman


The Dhanus woman is spirited and warm, being trusted and recognized as a friend due to her loyal nature. She is affectionate, jovial and giving as well as even deeply religious. She does not hold grudges for long and even pardons her offenders. Generosity, kindness and forgiveness are her traits and this is why she is never devoid of friends. She is diplomatic, wise and eats a healthy diet which ensures longevity. The Sagittarian lady gives all actions her best shot and often emerges successfully. She is distinguished by her short and thick build.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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