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Moon in Pisces - Meena Rashi – The Fish



This indicates that your moon is in Pisces

Pisces is a feminine, mutable water sign governed by Jupiter


Lucky Color: White, yellow

Gemstone: Yellow sapphire in gold

Lucky Days: Thursday

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Materials: Water, fish, liquids, pearl

Body Part: Feet


Jupiter in Pisces reflects the apex of growth and the concluding cycle of development. This is the place in the astrological calendar where devotion replaces all the lesser qualities that human beings are after, like progress through endeavor, happiness through sensory pleasures, fame and earthly glory, renunciation without the love of God, etc. The Pisces appearance is reflective of the person they are within, with soft features, sweet speech and a pleasant face. Characteristic of Pisces, they are not the ones who readily make an impression, but they are not easily forgotten either.


Meena is neither too assertive or overbearing or ostentatious. The shy and serene appearance is reflective of Jupiter and his ways. They are benign and collected even under pressure. As one of the most passive of all rashis, Pisces is neither slow like Makara, nor timid like Karkata. They love company and, when goaded by friends, can show their prowess like tigers. The benevolent rays of Jupiter bless whatever tasks they undertake. The quest for spirituality comes easy for this sign that is devoted as well as cultured. The kind and compassionate nature of Meena natives makes them sympathetic and forgiving.


Endowed with foreknowledge, Pisces is capable of high levels of concentration and feeling for mute animals. Their soft nature can easily be moved to tears at the site of cruelty and hence they are given more towards creativity and fine arts. Just like water, Pisces is highly adaptable and creative. The physical aspect of the natives of Meena is well built with a full, fleshy countenance and medium stature, a double chin, long nose, pale complexion and excellent looking eyes and brown hair.


Pisces has an overall jovial disposition. Excessive oil and fat in foods can be damaging, leading to a rotund figure. It may lead to problems in the intestine, ulcers, gas and nerve related problems. Alcoholism and indulgence in sex should be avoided. Pisces is extremely meticulous and similar jobs are excellently suited for them. Conformity comes naturally to Pisces, just as it comes naturally to the fish. In marriage, Pisces makes a loving partner, who is able to see through deceit and lewd motives. They are extremely attached to the home and hearth, doting on kids and reciprocating their feelings with innocent love. If Meena strays, it is often due to flattering partners.


Meena Man


Just like a fish, the disposition of the Meena man may be rotund and stocky, with bulging eyes and a small head. The brow hair is generally thin. Pisces men are often seen dedicating themselves to the service of others. They have this benevolent tendency to help out those in distress, which can result in them being cheated, since the intentions of others are not always justified. He is devoted to charitable causes in hospitals and voluntary organizations. He remains under the control of his wife. Just because they have not learned to refuse, many have no time to spare for themselves. Coming to his daily life, Pisces loves doing what he enjoys without caring for appreciation. He cannot take applause or the lead role from a podium owing to his natural shyness.


Meena Woman


The Meena lady is best described by the word ‘selfless’. She is always helpful and always without complaint. She may have tears in her eyes for some social injustice committed, but she will not come to the fore to complain. She works unobtrusively behind the scenes, inspiring others around her with self-motivation. The Meena lady is a connoisseur of the arts, at the same time being deeply devoted and spiritual.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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