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Moon in Libra - Tula Rashi Ė The Scales



This indicates that your moon is in Libra

Libra is a masculine, movable air sign governed by Venus


Lucky Color: White, multicolored patterns

Gemstone: Diamond set in platinum or gold

Lucky Days: Friday, Wednesday, (Saturday)

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Materials: jewelry, silk, luxury items

Body Part: Groin


Tula is a rashi of boldness, enterprise and imagination. Tula natives are mentally agile, having an insightful perception about profitable ventures. This means that they are even prone to take risks without hesitating, if the enterprise is sure to reap rewards. The Balance loves harmony and synchronization and is an advocate of peace any day. They are good adjudicators and try to find harmony in whatever they take up. The ruler of Libra, Venus, is the spiritual preceptor of demons and a mystic. It rules over luxuries like rich clothes, food, expensive jewelry, and art. In short, Tula epitomizes opulence.


This rashi loves the company of sophisticated persons, loving specialization in a few things. The natives are found wherever there is charm, culture, decorum and fashion. Paternal relations may lead to discord as Libra finds them demanding in spite of their cordial and obliging nature. Tula loves giving more than receiving, although they give at their discretion. They are religious-minded and donít usually miss a rite or religious chore. Libra is not envious or jealous and hence can be safely trusted with responsibility.


Appearance-wise, Tula looks slender and supple with a broad forehead (signifying the intellect) and a long nose (signifying thoughtfulness). The oval face is complemented with a fair complexion, adding to an overall youthful look. Libra often becomes victims of viral disorders, and ill health needs to be guarded against by having a balanced diet. Lung diseases and ailments resulting from excess body heat are a casualty. Too much of physical indulgence can make Libra fall prey to debility. Financially, Libra will choose a profession that is economically benefic.


Business brings benefits for Tula which has a lot of foreign connections, leading to frequent overseas trips. Medicine and academics are ideally suited for them and many have made their mark in art, design, fashion and cosmetics. Libra is irresistible to the opposite sex due to their impeccable sense of wardrobe management, but then dilemma can often lead them to failed or non-serious relationships.Tula needs a peaceful home with a loving spouse and doting kids, ideally suited for being shared with family and friends.


Tula Man


Tula can think on his feet and live life to the lees without caring for consequences. If he needs to switch courses, he does it with considerable prudence and judgment so that the best is achieved. The Libran thumb rule is to overcome treachery by circumventing it, instead of going for confrontation. Libra is diligent and dutiful and expects others to be the same. His natural amiability and charm makes him popular, romantic and sensual. Upright and honest in his dealings, the Libra man is happy-go-lucky, enjoying affluence in living as well as education. They are often alleged of being too political and diplomatic, and love the pleasures of city life.


Tula Woman


The Tula lady is delicate, charming and homely. Her magnetic personality tempts others and the stunning effect is enhanced all the more by her indelible neatness. She is a lover of the senses, perfumes, a tidy house and a devoted partner. She is soft spoken and the tone is often low and driving. Sometimes, she can be selfish and secretive, her actual motivations disclosed only to her near and dear ones. Tula women donít prefer aggression and this sense of peace makes her go for marriage unhesitatingly. The Libra woman is cherished by her spouse as she is too desirable, witty and affectionate. The ideal career for Libran women is teaching or administration.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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