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Moon in Leo - Simha Rashi – The Lion



This indicates that your moon is in Leo

Leo is a masculine, fixed fire sign governed by the Sun


Lucky Color: Red

Gemstone: Ruby in gold

Lucky Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Number: 1, 4, 7

Lucky Materials: Grains, gold, sugar

Body Part: Heart (also stomach)


The Lion in its royal splendor is magnanimous, cultured, bold and ostentatious, attracted by power, ambition, love and steadfastness. Despite being superior, Leo is ready to sacrifice for their loved ones, expressing their views frankly and assertively. The typical Leo nature is to outshine the achievements of others in their enterprising streak. With a riveting intellect, Leo can judge the inherent worth of man and observe things from a higher point of view. They are good in organizing things and allocating tasks.


Just as the Sun pierces through everything, the Leonine nature can adjudge the personality of others in its persistent, aggressive zeal. A well-developed Leo is dependable, although less developed natures may not admit their mistakes. Known to many as the ‘child of the Sun’, Leo is swift and perfect in fulfilling their duties, and is never satisfied with ordinary mettle, since he always sees the larger picture of accomplishment. Leo is choosy in his choice of friends, and once a friend, you’re always a friend. The disposition is jovial, committed and at times wrathful at unintended slights.


The typical Leo appearance is physically strong, broad-shouldered, with brown hair and cheeks. Their feet are wide and large, and the lips are full. The Simha gait is a stately one as Simha detests servility. Hill stations and forests happen to be the places of preference. Owing to the proud personality, Leo is advised to maintain peace at home with their spouse. Hyper-activeness, irregular diets, alcoholism and overindulgence in sex may tell on the Leonine health. Leos excel as hosts and indulgence may lead to misplaced affections and lavishness. Well-placed Mercury can make Leo wealthy and good spenders.


Marriage may be disappointing since Leo tends to think that their wife is a financial drain; in case of women, these females may feel dominated by their spouse. Government jobs, arts, film production, management and politics are Leo’s fortes. Leo has powerful passions and sentimental love may not be satisfying. Hence, they should be selective while choosing a spouse. The Leo child is naturally bonded with their parents, especially moms. As they grow up, they are more driven to the well-to-do and powerful guests.


Simha Man


The Leo man is an epitome of courage and generosity, with a powerful commanding nature. However, if they are kindly bestowed towards juniors, the action may be guided by self-interest. Leo leaders know to attract others’ attention and be flashy and showy. As an authoritative character, Leo believes that they can never be wrong or mistaken. In fact, things have to be perfect simply because they are doing it! The bold and independent nature of Leo can easily take offence, and forgive it just as easily. When placed in a junior rank, the Leo man tends top rise upward to responsibility and power. In fact, it can be said the best sign for a man to be born with is Leo.


Simha Woman


The Leo woman is attractive, well-built, with an above average height and fair complexion. She is jovial and magnanimous, but when slighted, she can be jealous too. When angered, she’s voluble, although usually she maintains dignified silence. The feminine nature of living for the day without heeding future consequences is coupled with craving for sensual pleasure. A Leo lady likes to have a few well-bred kids, instead of a whole herd. When married, she rules the roost and will rather go for an independent career. Profound feelings for her spouse can make a Leo go against her family.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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