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Moon in Gemini - Mithuna Rashi – The Twins



This indicates that your moon is in Gemini

Gemini is a masculine, mutable air sign governed by Mercury


Lucky Color: Green

Gemstone: Emerald

Lucky Days: Wednesday, Friday

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Materials: Climbers and cotton

Body Part: Hands


Gemini natives are warm, sensitive and sympathetic. Their nature is attracted to knowledge like a magnet. They have profound thoughts, are highly intelligent and are shrewd, bright and alert. Gemini is well-versed in many branches of study, arts, sports and sciences. They are skilled in the rules of sexual union and talented to a great extent. In fact, it has been rightly said that Geminis are a union of wonders. In case, a Gemini cannot learn something, they will nonetheless gain a thorough familiarity on the subject that will sustain their wit and excellence.


The Twins are skilled in wisdom and are highly imaginative, studious, creative and brilliant. The swift alertness of the Twins may appear unsteady to the rest, but this to them is ordered as well as logical. They can skip from one argument to another, without quite losing the basic idea. The Gemini can subtly express their original ideas and this can leave others utterly disgusted. The power of mimicry makes them capable of reading others’ thoughts. Gemini makes use of wit and intelligence like a weapon and can emerge out of tough situations effortlessly.


A Gemini is best remembered for their tactfulness, talent, intelligence and razor sharp wit. The twin nature can make a Gemini be too involved in something or too detached from it. Coupled by a distinct and devilishly attractive appearance, a Gemini individual is shrewd and irresistible to the opposite sex. In fact, these natives are experts in sexual passion, although this does not mean that Gemini is gross. Good dressing skills with expensive accessories go along with a flashy witty smile. They often tend towards selfishness, cunning, and flirting. At times, a marriage between two Geminis can be ideal, given their mutual compatibility. A natural inclination for sexual fantasy should be guarded against perversion.


The Mercurial influence makes Gemini physically fit and composed. One of the contradictions of this rashi is that while they may tend to skip meals, they can also be connoisseurs of delicacies. An anemic tendency is a warning for the Gemini that can take a toll on their health. Prolonged mental activity and alcoholism can even tell on their health. As the Gemini is naturally talented, they can easily scale the social ranks with social poise and expertise. Their concealing nature makes these natives prone to screen real intentions underneath a shrewd surface. The Twins are adept at law, teaching jobs, arts, medicine, politics and law.


Mithuna Man


The Mithuna man prefers a wife who is homely and loving. They prefer an obliging spouse who will respond to their needs. Gemini is also a loving father to their daughters. Some Gemini natives are prone to ailments and asthma. For staying in the best of health, they should not eat while they are mentally upset.


Mithuna Woman


The Mithuna lady has an intelligent appearance that is alert, bright and poised. The curly hair often compliments their cute tomboyish look and mental agility. The Gemini lady can read multiple books at once as she can effortlessly skip from one subject to another. She may not make the stereotyped housewife as routine chores don’t appeal to her, which makes her career-oriented. As Mithuna is an air sign, they are affected in the lungs by taking cold foods. She may seek stimulation from alcohol, but meditation and yoga will work best. Their easily recuperative nature is inherent in a Gemini individual and hence medication may be required in moderation.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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