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Moon in Capricorn - Makara Rashi – The Deer-Crocodile



This indicates that your moon is in Capricorn

Capricorn is a feminine, movable earth sign governed by Saturn


Lucky Color: Black, blue

Gemstone: Diamond, blue sapphire

Lucky Days: Friday, Saturday

Lucky Number: 8, 6

Lucky Materials: Gold, agricultural products, iron

Body Part: knees


Makara is a mythological creature that is a half crocodile and half deer. Despite Saturn being known as the most feared planet in astrology, it is also the most philosophical of all. Capricorn has a unique aspect abut them: they are extremely original, something one is not likely to come across in other signs. The inviolate will of this planet unfolds after a long, long time, representing the nature of karma that is slow to unveil. This is why the natives of Saturn are among the most feared, and not without reason. The wrath of Saturn is tremendous, as is their ability to bless and reward.


‘Shani’ or Saturn is the jury and judge of the cosmic world, and their decrees are just and deserving. The dispensation is unanimous and without partiality. Generally, Saturn is seated cool and aloof from the crowd, with dignity and reserve. Capricorn knows too well what it means to have little knowledge or missing out on the details. Right from their childhood days, the one aim of the Makara rashi natives is to acquire knowledge, which however conflicts their motto of knowledge acquired at a later stage. The justification is: Capricorn never goes for anything until it is completely understood.


The crux of this rashi is to learn things in all their detail; superficial gloss will come off in the long run. Once they are interested in a subject, they will not stop until it is entirely learnt. These are tireless individuals who will hardly yield before failure or an impediment. If anything is to be believed or trusted, it is first verified from all ends. This sometimes earns displeasure as Capricorn may appear contradictory. They often act like walking encyclopedias, having knowledge in a wide variety of topics.


The nature of this deer-crocodile is such that it can live both on land and in water, which makes adaptability imperative. Capricorn understands the futility of not being able to espouse any situation, and rears their kids accordingly. The horns of the deer make them obstinate, but the deer’s soft nature also makes Capricorn delicate and gentle people. They are intuitive with extreme strategic capacities that leave opponents awestruck. Some qualities that best describe Capricorns are: fearlessness, tenacity, constancy, adaptableness and strategic.


Makara Man


The influence of Saturn tells upon the physical bearing of the Capricorn man who is relatively easy to spot in a crowd. They are tall, bony and of slim build the head is oversized at the end of a coarse long neck. The hair and eyebrows are dark. They speak with a rote monotonous tone, leaving little room for the opinions of others. The 10th sign has left many a staunch moralist, who are principled and committed to maintaining honor. They prefer not to borrow from others and hence have been accused of being stingy. Cold and aloof like their ruling planet they are firmly religious and often strictly ascetic. At the same time, they are highly practical so as to separate religion from work. A devoted husband and father, Capricorn can even settle down with women who are way senior to them.


Makara Woman


The Makara lady is smart, self-assured and savvy, with excellent business skills. She knows where the money is and may take up an independent career. She is frugal and iron-willed, but the most responsible and obedient daughter too. Her staunch and dogmatic views may not be suited to all, and she effectively vents her staunchness through music.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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