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Moon in Cancer - Karkata Rashi – The Crab



This indicates that your moon is in Cancer

Cancer is a feminine, movable water sign governed by the Moon


Lucky Color: White, pink

Gemstone: Pearl in silver

Lucky Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Number: 7 (2 for waning moon)

Lucky Materials: Fruits, flowers, coconut

Body Part: Stomach (also heart)


The reason that the Moon is a ‘swa rashi’ or its own sign, Cancer is said to make sensitive and wonderful people. Being a ‘proponent of the mind’, Cancer has a poetic vision, which is characterized by subtle subconscious feelings. The words ‘dreamy’ and ‘mystic’ may best describe a Karkata rashi, although this is climaxed in an inspirational zenith being achieved. This is, according to astrologers, because of the fact that the Moon is one of the fastest moving planets that’s also regularly waxing and waning. The tenacious and adaptable nature makes a Cancerian patient, inconstancy being the only constant aspect of this planet.


Just as a crab claws objects and abandons it to form another, and the moon due to its magnetic nature is known as the Queen of the Night, the emotional nature of Karkata is a viable one. The cold rays of the moon make Karkata natives patient and peaceful. Their passivity makes them least resistant and a strong memory which like the Moon that reflects the light of the Sun, illuminates the nature of the soul. Mystical and metaphysical sciences lure Karkata immensely.


The auspiciousness of the Moon depends on whether the planet was at its waxing or waning stage during birth. Cancer natives are kind towards humans and animals and cannot withstand cruelty. Even the Karkata males have a mother’s affection. Cancerians have a swift gait with high hips, good friends, female company and wealth. They also have an affinity for water bodies and a fondness for taking walks (crab). They are virtuous, intelligent, proud, talkative and well-spoken. Extremely sentimental, Cancer is like the Moon which rules over herbs, and plants.


Karkata natives can be criminologists, poets, lovers and seafarers. They may appear vulnerable, but it is actually the Cancer who is in charge. You are taken through different interpretations of joy, sorrow and horror, through one mood to another unlike any other sign. The note of authority is a Cancerian streak which tells them what needs to be done and by whom. In fact, none can judge a human being better than the naturally intuitive Cancer. They have changing fortunes and are prone to hoarding. A Karkata native is a good orator, and they instinctively know the changing social tastes.


One of the downsides of Cancer is the tendency to be temperamental. The natives may also be misled by nonsocial elements posing as friends. With the help of subtle diplomacy, Karkata may scale the social positions, although they must closely be on guard against too much shrewdness. If thwarted, Cancer retreats into its shell like a crab that can either claw its foe, or tremble at approaching danger.


Karkata Man


Softhearted and possessive, Cancer expects gratitude against some favor done. Hence, it is advised that they tune themselves to the slights of others. Excellent as husbands and fathers, the Karkata man can be counted upon, being philosophical, possessive of his wife, which may at times lead to divorce. The gait is heavy, noticeable, with large hands and feet and small fingers. At times, they may be alcoholic.


Karkata Woman


A Karkata lady is obese, round-faced and exclusively devoted to her family. Too much of an involvement may lead to her talking about home all the time, doting on her kids. They make excellent hostesses and estate managers. Rheumatism and anxiety must be guarded against as well as obesity.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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