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Moon In Aries - Mesha Rashi – The Ram



This indicates that your moon is in Aries

Aries is a masculine fire sign governed by Mars


Lucky Color: Red

Gemstone: Coral (gold, silver)

Lucky Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Materials: Wool, wheat, textiles, barley, resin, grains, gold

Body Part: Head



Mesha or the Ram is born to be the beacon of society since he is born to command and guide. They are pioneers who have a strong will, determination, energy, enthusiasm, intuition, and self-respect and leadership skills. Aries forges their way to the top with sheer effort and ambition. They are progressive, dynamic individuals who are able to make quick decisions, are spontaneous and bright as fire. Mars, the Aries ruler, is the god of war which makes enterprising Aries natives overcome obstacles tirelessly. In fact, Aries enjoys struggle which makes them confident.


Aries wants tasks accomplished with absolute precision and dexterity. They are congenial and sincerity often impresses them. These natives love shouldering the troubles of their loved ones and ensure successful completion of projects with Martian fervor. The wrath of Mars causes these natives to be in a temper, although it is easily forgiven. Chivalry is the word for Aries who uses it to win over rivals. This also makes them win close and admiring friends. They are champions of the under-players and often go right ahead in accomplishing their goals.


Aries has an above average height and a well-built structure. They have a good appetite, but are easily satisfied, and prefer snacking, as their digestive system is healthy. Impulses take their toll on the Aries health and they may experience nervous trouble owing to fatigue. Lunar Aries natives perceive money as crucial to luxury. The Ram is hardworking and skilled and hence makes good money. Their approach towards things is novel which makes them good lawyers, writers, businessmen, engineers, politicians and scientists. Aries men are often tied by the whims of their wives. On a negative note, Aries is fickle, headstrong and roughshod.



Mesha Man


The Aries man is enterprising, enthusiastic as well as active. He is self-confident, ambitious, aggressive and egoistic. When before ladies, Aries is passionate, given their usual buoyant nature. He is vivacious and at the same time has a healthy appearance. Mesha is talkative, although he may stammer as he thinks much ahead of his speech. The voice is harsh and authoritative. He is the leader in the professional field as well, although he needs to beware of being too dominating with juniors or subordinate employees. Aries often exercises his influence over others, leaving a strong impression in the wake. He is fond of traveling and often changes homes. However, he is wary of water related activities.


Aries natives prefer reading in bed, although they must watch out against impairing their vision through reading in insufficient light. Aries likes rich and spicy food, and may not be able to tackle the effects of alcohol. They prefer city life.


Mesha Woman


Aries ladies have a jovial temperament, and are not free before people who are too cautious or hairsplitting. The Aries lady is straightforward when it comes to expressing their feelings, which may make them lose appeal before men. This is why the Aries women look for feminine aspects in the men they are with. Arien women can be excessively ambitious, and dominating in family matters. This is why husbands of Aries women may often appear henpecked and need to be patient dealing with them. She can also be selfish and in marrying a weaker man, she may not always make the right decision. Aries women are also vain and proud.


The tendency to worry too much may cause ailments to the Aries woman, and this must be checked right away. Headaches, weak eyesight and phobias from fire, burns and accidents are common. They are more interested in community service.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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