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Love , Marriage Astrology

In Relationship , having problems ,


Want to know when your time for relationship would improve ?


or Whether you are compatible with your present partner ?


or Want to know whether marriage is promised with the present partner ?


or If marriage is promised when would be the marriage ?


or How would be your married life ?






Want to know when would you find love ?


What could be the physical and mental characteristics of your would be husband or wife ?


When would you get married ?


How would be your married life ?


Whether the marriage is love or arranged ?




Married , having problems


When would the problem be resolved or would it lead to divorce ?


When would the divorce take place ?


Is second marriage promised ? If yes when ?


How would be your relationship with In-laws ?


When can you give birth to a child ?




What Gemstone or Rudraksha combination to wear to improve your prospects ?




All your questions answered by Biswarup Tarafder based on the principles of KP ( Krishnamurty Paddahati ) system - Advanced Vedic Astrology. If case if your partner birth details are available Please provide the birth details in the question box of the main form.




Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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