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KP Astrology

Here we are to discuss about Krishnamurti Paddhati popularly known as KP system of Astrology. KP system of astrology was a propounded by a famous astrologer namely Prof. KS Krishnamurti from India.


The concept was coined from the best of Vedic Astrology and partially from Western System of Astrology. The students of astrology might be aware of the fact Astrology divides the zodiac into 12 houses starting from Aries to Pisces. KP is no exception to that. But contrary to the popular belief of dividing the zodiac into 12 equal parts he divided the zodiac into 12 unequal parts. The division is based on Placidus system. Instead of taking earth as circle he has taken earth as a sphere which has been scientifically acknowledged by the astronomers. KSK’s unique discovery was the system of ‘sub’ which the most unique feature of KP system. Now your natural question is that what is a ‘sub’? Before I discuss ‘sub’ it is necessary to know that in Vedic Astrology zodiac has been divided into 27 nakshatras or constellations. Each of these constellations are ruled by a planet and each covering 13 degree 20 minutes of zodiac. KSK divided each of these 27 nakshatras into 9 unequal parts called ‘subs’. The question can come why unequal?  Its unequal based on the number of years allocated to the ‘Dasas’ of each planets in Vimshottari Dasa system followed by Vedic Astrologers. The students of astrology should be aware of this fact that the Maha ‘Dasa’ of  Venus runs for 20 years, while Sun is just for 6 years and so on and so forth for other planets. The total number of years for one cycle of Vimshottari Dasa is 120 years. As a result Venus contribution is 1/6 of the total dasa cycle. That is why Venus sub would be 1/6 of 13 degree 20 minutes in each nakshatras. What KSK’s finding was that when a planet is positioned in a particular nakshatras and more so in the particular region of ‘sub’ it gives the effect firstly by the nakshatra significations and the result would get even modified by the ‘sub’ based on a particular horoscope. If I have to explain in simple terms then for a person born in Virgo Ascendant. Mercury becomes the lord of the Ascendant while Moon the lord of 11th house and Sun lord of 12th house . So if mercury is positioned 22 degree 42 minutes Virgo an Astrologer may be tempted to predict that the mercury is a good planet since it is positioned in Own sign, exalted and in the nakshatra of moon (Hasta) so it should give very good result. But KP astrologers would have a different opinion on the same since that is the zone of Sun ‘sub’ as a result Mercury is positioned in Mercury sign , Moon Star and Sun ‘Sub’ and as we have already discussed that sun happens to be the 12th lord for Virgo Ascendant as a result Mercury being positioned there can’t give complete good results. This is just the beginning of KP system. If I have to discuss the whole of it it would take me months together to explain. I would be coming up with articles on various sites every month so don’t miss on that.

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