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The sun is believed to govern the stars Uttaraphalguni, Karthikai and Uthrashada. Irrespective of the planets or stars and the house they govern, they offer the results of that house, if situated in the Sunís star. If one is born in Karkata lagna with their sun in the 10th house of Aries, the planet will produce results based on the sun, which is mostly 10th instead of the Sun being the Lord of 2.


If Venus occupies Karthikai, it produces results that are signified by the 10th house, instead of matters the 2nd house indicates. The matters in this case are fulfilled by Venus as indicated by its very nature, occupation and ownership. With the Sun placed in 1 (Lord of 1), which means that if it occupies the Lagna Bhava or is the Lord of Lagna, the results under Lord of 1 or Sun in 1 are offered by a planet in the stars when the Sun is in 1 and to those born under Leo when the Sun is the Lord of 1.


In the same way, the results with the Sun in 1 imply that the results will be the same if the planets are positioned in any of the 3 stars of the sun (Uttaraphalguni, Karthikai and Uthrashada).




  1. Sun in 1, Lord of 1: Generous, dignified, frank, hopeful, independent, pleasant looking, immunity, success in attempts, good rapport with officers, promotion, flawed vision, proud.


  1. Inherited wealth, gain through effort, and holding respectable position in government. Generous, sociable, fond of pleasure, sporty. Loses money if afflicted, immoral, spends too much on impulse.


  1. Does respectable, gallant, gains from relatives, understands neighbors, successful in enterprises. Creative, triumph over rivals, enjoys health, honor and repute. Affliction causes difficulties, trouble and false reports.


  1. Ambitious, property gain, gains through estate. Affliction causes blood pressure, impediments, unhealthful situations, property losses.


  1. Gain through speculation, kids, media, and difficulty in childbirth, forest trips, and intestinal problems. Affliction causes courtship rivalry, loss, problems in love and with kids.


  1. Not preferred for health, gains through service, promotion, sciences, medical science, chemistry, cardiac problems, organic problems, bold, victorious, intelligent, self respect, and large family.


  1. Successful marriage, generous, determined, attachments, determination, well liked, averts litigation through arbitration, gains through partnerships. Affliction causes loose morals, henpecked, late marriage, travel, questionable character. Beneficial nature is virtuous, venereal diseases, low vision, and dissatisfaction in job.


  1. Gains through marriage, partnerships, end with heroism and sacrifice. Vitality, long living, less kids. Affliction causes weak bearing, low vision, thrift, sudden death, husband dies first (for women), and loss of wealth, immoral ties, poverty and litigation.


  1. religious bent of mind, connection with law or academic circles, gain with travel, wish to continue research work, success in over seas ventures, honest, steady religious faith, self reliant, popular with others, favored for merited works, acquires properties through individual effort.


  1. Rise in income, and status, authority and power. Independent minded, gains through inheritance and business ventures, vitality, owns jewels, artistic bent of mind, successful politician.


  1. Ambitious, realizes dreams, honest and loyal, has powerful contacts, hopeful, eternal friends, socially competent, and owns means of conveyance, not good with politics and principled.


  1. Successful in medicine, occult sciences, chemistry. Associations with prisons, hospitals, sanatoriums. Leads secluded life, self sacrifice. Affliction causes poverty, not straightforward, prefers widows, unscrupulous, has problems with children and loses in foreign soil.




Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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