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Rahu & Ketu



Rahu and Ketu are known in Indian astrology as the ‘shadow planets’ and they indicate the consequences in a planet in which they are conjoined together. If there is no planet that lies in conjunction with Rahu and Ketu, they may bring about results of the planets that exert influence on them.


Dual Nature of Determining the Results for Rahu and Ketu


In case Rahu and Ketu are neither conjoined with a planet, nor have any other planet exerting its influence on them, there may be two kinds of consequences:


  • Firstly, the results may be bestowed of the lord of the constellation in which the planet is positioned; or
  • Alternately, the results of the sign may be exerted


This is the reason as to why it is imperative to include the results of Rahu and Ketu as positioned in a certain house, along with the results of the lords of the constellation.


Nature of the Result


The nature of the results based on the position of Rahu and Ketu may be dual in their aspect. There are two options:


  • If the lord of the constellation is a benefic one, the result is likely to be advantageous
  • If the lord of the planet or constellation the aspecting or conjoining sign happens to be a malefic one, the result is likely to be undesirable


Overview of the Results Given by Rahu and Ketu


The characteristic of Rahu and Ketu is that they generate enhanced results than what is usually offered by the lord of the constellation. This is why, it can be imagined that the lord of the constellation is placed in the very house where Rahu and Ketu were likely to be placed. You may even calculate it as the lord of the constellation being situated in that bhava, as that way, the results are further enhanced.


Example: If a person is born in the Kumbha lagna, their rahu is positioned in the 10th house of the Anuradha constellation. Moreover, let’s say that there is no planet existing in conjunction with it, or even any planet influencing it: if this is the case, Rahu is likely to generate the effects of Saturn that occupies the 1st and 12thhouses. Other results will stem from the house that is occupied by Saturn.


In case of determining the results of Rahu, one needs to picture the scene as Rahu occupying the constellation of Anuradha, in which case it functions as the agent of Saturn or as if Saturn itself is present in the Anuradha constellation.


Had the position of Rahu been in Jyesta, it would have represented Mercury. Hence, one needs to picture it as if Mercury is placed in Jyesta and it includes the key components that are signified by the Lord of 5 and 8. This means, one needs to attribute more importance to the matters that are indicated by the bhava that Mercury occupies. Hence, one needs to compound the results and then decide on the final verdict of the planets Rahu and Ketu.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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