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If Mercury is situated in any of the following 3 stars: Aslesha, Revathi and Jyesta, the native will experience results that are characteristic of Mercury.




  1. Good of speech and learning, well informed, well learned in astrology, magic, mathematics and sciences like engineering. The native also displays studious habits, and has a mutable nature that is likely to change; they have an artistic bent of mind and are adaptable to situations. They have a fertile imagination and is keen on undertaking journeys.


  1. Gains money and knowledge by teaching, commissions and by writing; the lucky areas are communication, advertising, press and books. They have multiple children and acquire property, grains, and stores and have a happy disposition.


  1. The native is required to undertake short journeys at frequent intervals, has a broad minded outlook, and is capable of teaching, reading. Their ever anxious disposition causes a mentally alert character with lots of brothers and a weak body. Affliction in the natal chart can cause deception.


  1. Good in terms of education and robust in terms of health. The mother figure is pleasant with new friends and the natives lead a contented and satisfied domestic life. Changes of residence are predicted for them without them having a permanent abode. Gains are likely to be acquired through land, estates, mines, library, newspaper, registrar chores, offices etc. Mother figure is intelligent. Gains are indicated through acquiring vehicles.


  1. These natives are more concerned with mental pleasure and satisfaction than concentrating on physical satisfaction. However, with afflictions in their natal chart, the natives often tend to worry, become anxiety prone and may have to encounter obstacles. Favorable areas for these natives include the ministry, roles as advisories and success in any attempts. They also have intelligent children.


  1. They are likely to engage in small quarrels, trouble regarding labor, refers to study of hygiene, medicine, chemistry and other sciences. Their mind is always active and the natives are also warned against over stressing themselves, leading to a nervous breakdown. Afflictions in the natal chart may cause suicidal tendencies, stomach problems, problems with maternal uncle, loss through litigation. Their education is also affected and they experience ailments in the fingertips.


  1. Unsettled marital life, intelligent spouse, shrewd, spouse younger in age, may be employed, arranged marriage, legal disputes and litigation. Affliction in their chart causes loss of vigor, adulterous and showy nature. Mother is satisfied and native owns several vehicles.


  1. Difficulty, trouble and dispute with partner, misunderstandings with neighbors. They may be required to undertake a journey for attending funerals, experiences nervous breakdowns, long life, and paralysis. Native has few children, a long life span, is well liked by others and assists relatives and family members.


  1. Studious, receives higher education, successful long journeys, lives in foreign lands, indecision, acquires high status, well liked and respected, has a contented father and is musically blessed.


  1. Successful business and public life, promotion, novelist, teacher, reporter, electrician or railway employee. Likes to do historical research, is promoted, and owns house and vehicles, successful educational life.


  1. Prosperous through property acquisition, charitable, generous, many acquaintances, few friends, relates with youngsters, good in astrology and mathematics.


  1. Adulterous, secret arts, danger to uncle and mother, lesser children, poor, petty quarrels, scandalous and anxiety prone.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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