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Astrology Planets

One can find that different results are offered by the same planet as it occupies the constellation owned by those ruling different houses (Bhavas) in the chart. There are 12 houses and 27 constellations. These 27 constellations are governed by 9 planets. Therefore, a planet offers results after the corresponding modification due to its position in particular constellation, which is ruled by planet governing certain house or houses in the chart.

Whether the sign occupied by the planet is fiery, earthy, airy or watery; cardinal, fixed or common; fruitful or barren, masculine or feminine; human or bestial; mute or voice; etc. and any house gives the results as is changed by the constellation lord. What results are indicated by a planet in that star or while a planet transits in that asterism. From experience after a long research, it is found that a planet may occupy a house, for example, the 11th house; but the result offered by that planet during its dasa or bhukhi or anthra and at the time when it receives aspects from other planets is different, it causes loss and separation instead of profit and pleasure. But the result that is experienced is not the same as the house signifies. But the result that is experienced is not the same as the house signifies. But one experiences predominantly the results of the bhavas, signified by the lord of the constellation in which the planet is positioned in the horoscope. Therefore, the following results without any other modification are given for each planet owning different houses influencing the constellation lords of the 12 houses.

Let us take a example. Suppose one born in Capricorn, Mars is occupying the 6th house. If the planet were to be situated in one of the 3 stars governed  by Mars Mrigasira, Chitra or Danistha, then one is to read a) Mars as constellation lord in 6th and b) the results given under Mars, constellation lord of 4 and constellation lord of 11. Of these results the planets in the constellation of Mars will predominantly give the results of the 6th house. It also includes the other results given as the lord of 4 and 11.

For Rahu and Ketu occupying a house would give the result of the lord of the house and also the lord of the constellation in which it is positioned. Planets situated in the constellations namely, Adra, Swathi and Satabisha would give the result of Rahu while the planet situated in the constellation namely Aswini, Maka and Moola would give the result of Ketu.










Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.





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