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Taurus – Vrishabha

It is the second sign of Zodiac. The sign is symbolized by bull by both Hindus and Westerners. It is ruled by Venus.

Physical Features: The stature will be middle for Taurus born. They would have a plump body, and broad forehead. They will be stout in appearance with bright eyes. They will have big shoulders and well developed muscles.

Mental Tendencies: Taurus is the first of the earth signs and also a fixed sign. Taurus native would be having strong endurance and patience. If and when proved they can be very wild. They can be violent and unrelenting. They are slow and steady, persevering, patient and persistent and enduring. They are conservative and never waste their energy. They are very determined and dogmatic. Anything done is very deliberate and well thought out beforehand. They will not mind to act unless they find its advantageous and wise to act. If afflicted they will be lazy. Taurus will have sharp eye on his money, worldly possessions and impelling appetite for food and prefer sweets. They will worship money and those which money can buy. They have immense will power. They become worldly and take pleasure in the good things of life. The person born in this sign will be straight forward and natural. One can depend on their opinion as it will be unbiased and honest. They will be ambitious and cheerful. They are the best long term planners. In spite of any opposition or criticism from others, they will carry out their original plan, fight it out and emerge victorious, triumphant and successful.

Health and Disease: Normally these persons have robust health and best adapted for mechanical and laborious pursuits. They appear to suffer from an overabundance of life rather than deficiency of it. Unlike other they are less sensitive to pains. If they fall ill the recovery is very slow. Generally Taurus suffers from tonsils, pyorrhea or from affections of throat, palate and neck. As Taurus denote throat, it is that part of the body which is most susceptible to illness. As it is the second sign of the zodiac, pimples in the face and sore eyes can give trouble to them.

Finance and Fortune: Patience and perseverance pays the Taurus born. They will be able to accumulate money and very cautious while spending. When fortune is made they spend to their satisfaction, keeping a portion in reserve. They never squander away money unnecessarily.

Romance and Marriage: People born in Taurus are not generally impulsive. They take much time to take decision in the manner of selecting the partner in life. If once they decide that a particular individual is ideal. They will stick on and never leave a stone unturned till they come out successful. Being an earth sign they goes well with other earth and watery signs. Taurus men are good provider while the women are good home maker. Love is real to them. They will always be affectionate, warm and ever loving.  They will also be equally anxious to lead a happy harmonious wedded life.

Lucky Day: Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturday are lucky days

Lucky number: 6, 5 and 8.











 Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.


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