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Scorpio – Vrischika

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. Scorpio is symbolized by Scorpion. It is the second sign ruled Mars.

Physical Features: The body will be well proportioned with generally long hands. The stature is above average. Broad face, commanding appearance, short and curly hair and muscular body are indicated by Scorpio. They have good personality.

Mental Tendencies: Scorpio is a fixed sign. Therefore they are particularly determined individual especially when they set themselves a goal, they do not beat about the bush. But straight way they will plunge into business. They cannot keep idle, nor they can afford to waste time till they hit their target. They are at their best only when there are obstacles and hindrances. They will never give up, nor surrender, they will fight to the last leaving the ultimate result to God. Being a watery sign, they have a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence. They are full of dynamic energy.  They have intense feeling and emotion which comes from watery element. They have a remarkable intuition. They are good critic. They will enjoy life to their entire satisfaction from low type carnal pleasures to high poetical and mystical adventures. Mars, the owner of the sign gives them self assertion, impulsive action, courage, resolution, independence, excitement and forcefulness etc. They have the tendency to over ride and keep others under control. They do not mind standing alone and fighting their own battle. They are self made. Due to Mars, they lose their temper quickly and they get irritated. Mars threatens some ill repute to them as they may be rash and headlong. Scorpio is a highly sexed sign. They do not interfere in other’s maters. They take interest only which concerns them. They will appear to be frank, plain and blunt. When you criticize others you pass on sarcastic remarks. They are cunning also. They are always very true, loyal, faithful and reliable. They will be revengeful and relentless.

Health and Disease: Scorpio governs the generative organs, the bladder, womb and ovaries etc. Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio lead to trouble by enlargement of the prostrate gland. Venereal distemper is the main disease caused by Scorpio. Stone in bladder is caused mostly by Saturn. There can be affections of the brain, insomnia, neuralgia, coma, trance, inflammation and obsession.

Finance and Fortune: Generally Scorpio born are lucky where money is concerned. In speculation they will invariably gain as the 2nd lord is also the 5th lord. Eventually their income will be substantial. They know how to make money but do not know how to save it. They are extravagant.

Romance and Marriage: Scorpio born have complex moods. They are intense, dynamic and energetic in romance and love affairs. Unless they have sympathy, good understanding and steady affection they cannot have a pleasant and smooth life with the opposite sex.

Lucky Day: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are successful days

Lucky Number: 3, 9, 4, 1, 2 & 7 are lucky to them







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