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Pisces Ė Meena

Pisces is the 12th sign of Zodiac. It is symbolized by two fishes. It the second sign ruled by Jupiter.

Physical Features: Pisces generally produces short people. They will weigh as much as tall person as they will be plump and the hands and feet will appear to be short and stout. The shoulders are muscular and spherical. The eyes will be big and protruding. The hair will be soft.

Mental Tendencies:  Person born in Pisces are philosophical, restless, ever dreamy, contemplating, imagining and never hesitating top lead a romantic life. They will be honest, outspoken, helpful and humane. They will not go into the cause of otherís troubles, but they will lead his assistance at momentís call. Just like water which can put out the fire, the person born in Pisces will calm down the enemies, treat them courteously and forgive them. They will be unassuming and due to over liberality and unbounded generosity, they cannot progress much. They are good observer. They cannot think of doing harm to anybody. As it is a dual sign, they are puzzle to others and to themselves. They cannot be steady. They are mostly sweet tempered and socially inclined. Being a feminine sign, they can be led away by fresh ideas and fancies. They are polite and modest. Being a common and feminine sign, the expression of their thoughts will be modified and even thoroughly changed depending upon the audience. Pisces type of character is really difficult to cope with. Being the 12th sign of Zodiac, they will have the desire to study the occult science, the divine life. They have the wish to go overseas and will be visiting foreign lands. Mars being the lord of second house makes them extravagant. They earn more and spend much more money. They gets good neighbours and develops their friendship by their generosity and great service to them. They will be studious and ever changing their residence. They would be more timid, dreamy and imaginative. Wisdom comes late in life.

Health and Disease: Being a watery sign, one will be addicted to drink and as the sign is opposite to Virgo, the person born in Pisces will develop gastric troubles. As the 12th sign of Zodiac Pisces born may have affections to ankles and feet. As it is a watery sign and 12th sign, one may suffer from varicose veins or guinea worm. Planets in Poorvadrapada constellations shows abdominal tumour, enlarged liver, enzyme deficiency. Planets in Revathi star cause deafness, general nervous debility, cramp etc.

Finance and Fortune: Pisceans are really happy when their vocation includes such nature of work which needs breadth of vision and scope of good action. Their main mode of life and desire are to help to others who need health, wealth or knowledge. They are good investor and they save money for old age as they does not want to be dependent on their children.

Romance and Marriage: Pisces people prefer the beauty of the partner, his or her intellectual pursuits and fine arts. They do not want mean minded partners. They are very suspicious and jealous about their partners. The Pisces born will be ever dreaming about love and they will be delaying and postponing doing anything to develop it. As Pisces is a dual sign , on some occasions they will not be warm but reluctant for some time whereas in other moments they admire, adore and be amorous and affectionate. They are by nature kind, sympathetic and loyal. They can be classified as good people and moody people.

Lucky Days: Thursday is their lucky day.

Lucky Number: 1, 4, 3 and 9 are lucky number.







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