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Leo – Simha

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It the second fiery sign. Leo is symbolized by Lions which is the King of the animals. It is ruled by Sun.

Physical Features: Leo born will have well developed bones, broad shoulder and forehead. He will be well built and muscular. His stature will be full and his appearance majestic, imposing, commanding and dignified. Complexion will vary according to the exact position of the ascendant, planets occupying and aspecting the ascendant. Never he will be plump or ugly.

Mental Tendencies: As Sun rules the sign people born in this sign are helpful to mankind and other creations of God. Sun is a masculine planet. So Leonean have dignity. They have great faith in all friends and relatives and confide everything to them. They are capable of inspiring affection and admiration and have their purpose served by willing cooperation of their colleagues and subordinates. They do not talk much. They leave the talking to others, they are good listeners. They will always forgive and forget the mistakes, sins, errors, deficiencies of others. They can mingle with people from all the strata of the society. Since they trust everybody, it is not likely that they are cheated and disappointed as they do not discriminate. They live in the world of their own creation and nothing appears to be great for their ideality. As Leo is a fiery and fixed sign, it offers authority and ambition, brilliance and boasting, cleaver action and commanding, dignity and domineering, energy and enthusiasm, faith and fame. Leoneans are frank, open and just. Their outbursts do not last long, just like the extreme heat of Sun.

Health and Disease: Generally these people should have a splendid constitution. Even if they fall ill they tend to recover rapidly from illness. Leo indicates the heart, the spinal column, spinal marrow nerves and fiber. Therefore heart disease, palpitation, spinal meningitis, syncope, inflammations, sunstroke, giddiness pestilence are some of the disorders they may be susceptible to. Epilepsy and rheumatic fever are the disease they may suffer from.  

Finance and Fortune: Leonean have the natural instinct is to ever seek for the highest position and mostly has it rightfully. One is by nature a spendthrift even when poverty may threaten him. One is able to face any hard times. They will have sufficient resources. Yet, because they spend lavishly, their bank position will be deteriorating as the age advances. They do not hesitate tom lend financial assistance to needy.

Romance and Marriage: The person born is Leo is romantic. He loves deeply and can be carried away by love. But he never likes the demonstration of love publicly. He will have abundant charm and be attractive to the opposite sex. He will never allow anybody to disrespect his wife or any member of his family. He will not tolerate any ill repute.

Lucky Days: Tuesday and Sundays are lucky for Leo born.

Lucky Number: 1,4,5,9 and 6 are Lucky numbers.










 Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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