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Gemini – Mithun

This is the third sign of the Zodiac. Gemini is the first of the airy sign and it is ruled by Mercury.

Physical Features: Gemini gives a tall, upright, straight body, the hands will be long. The leg will be thin .Complexion will be moderate, fair or dark, depending on the planet which rises then in Gemini at the time of birth. The eyes will be hazel and look quick sharp and active. Nose will be long.

Mental Tendencies: Being an airy sign, persons born in this sign live mostly in the mind. They will be carefree, reluctant and joyous. Their mind will be positive and strong. They are versatile, restless and inclined to have changes often. Mercury being the lord of the sign they would be inclined towards reading and writing. They can adapt themselves to the circumstances. They can offer advice, persuade and argue with others but they cannot command and manage successfully. Being the third sign of zodiac the person will have liking to traveling, mainly short distance by land. They always consider the advantages and disadvantages of each case hence the decision won’t be taken quickly. Being a dual sign, it gives the native the ability to follow more than one occupation at a time and also adapt oneself to new surroundings. They love diversity, like air to which they belong, they have to be moving from one place to another or from one thought to the other. They will understand, analyze, and have a quick grasping and retentive power. Their mind is logical and clear and they have quick mental action. They will have curiosity and will seek after facts and go deeper into all maters but they cannot concentrate on one subject.

Health and Disease: They generally spoil their health by unnecessary worry and anxiety. If they avoid the mental strain and sleep adequately they can maintain good health. As Gemini rules over the lungs, all the pulmonary affections are indicated by this sign. It also indicates shoulders and arms. Defect in these parts are indicated if malefics are there in Gemini. As the sixth house from Gemini is Scorpio, people born in Gemini generally suffer from the diseases indicated by Scorpio namely, piles, fistula, affections of bladder and excretory system. Fever and poisoning of the system is also indicated.

Finance and Fortune: They will be lot of changes. They will enjoy life with a good fortune or suffer continuous misfortune depending on the nature of influence through the other sex. They will experience both privation and plenty during their lifetime. There will be family disputes and these persons will not agree with their father. Secret connection in love affairs can bring loss and difficulties.

Romance and Marriage: Gemini natives are capable of making friendship very quickly. At the same time they would try to find faults in them equally quickly. That is why they fail to find friend to their satisfaction even though they long for it. They do not want to be tied to one person, but prefer variety in life. They are lucky if they get partners who are steady and accommodative. Marriage will be successful if the partner is equally intelligent. Their partners should not take their flirtatious nature very seriously. They will not give up their outside activities even if they are married. They will have good match with people born in Air and Fire sign.

Lucky Days: Thursday and Wednesday are lucky days.

Lucky number: 5, 3, 14, 12, 23 & 30









Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.
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