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Cancer – Karka

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It the first water sign. This sign is symbolized by crab. It is ruled by Moon.

Physical Features: The body will be clumsy with slender limbs. People born in Cancer generally have a large upper body. As age advances with overeating they develop a prominent abdomen. Face would be wide between ears and mouth will be large with nice teeth. As limbs are extremely slender when compared to the large upper body, the whole body appears to be top heavy.

Mental Tendencies: Cancer born natives are remarkable for a changeful life. They have many ups and downs. Moon gives them a fertile imagination. They can adapt to other’s nature and quickly absorbs others ideas. They are sentimental and talkative. Cancer born are timid on some occasions and very courageous other circumstances. Generally they are timid to face physical danger, but are brave in mental and moral attitude. Their anger does not stay for long. Cancer being the fourth sign of the zodiac and fourth house indicates about one’s domestic environments Cancer born are fond of home, family and its comforts. Cancer born natives have the deep feelings of loyalty and responsibility. Most Cancer born is sensitive, retiring and unassuming. If they are ignored, overlooked or neglected, they become moody and also peevish. Cancer being a watery sign, native can be easily influenced and will adjust to the circumstances as water takes the shapes of the vessel in which it is kept. Cancer being a movable and watery sign, as water runs in a river, many Cancer born lead a wandering and restless life.

Health and Disease: Being the fourth sign of the Zodiac and one ruled by Moon, health of the Cancer born will be fragile in youth, but as the age advance they will pick of health. Cancer rules the chest and stomach. . They have to take care of pulmonary and digestive systems. Affections of both the lungs, flu, cough, asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, tuberculosis, stomach, nervous debility, fear complex, hysteria, jaundice, obstruction of the bile, gall stone, worm and boils on the chest.

Finance and Fortune: People having the influence of Cancer are best suited to a commercial career. Cancer born are very careful where money is concerned. They accumulate wealth by the dint of their own hard efforts.

Romance and Marriage: For Cancer born natives life will be monotonous without romance. They will sacrifice their comforts and will be very affectionate and loyal. But they cannot impress upon the mind of the partner that they are sincere, honest and very true. Cancer born natives enjoy their family life to the full and home and family are of great consequence to them. Marriage therefore will offer them an opportunity to hav a well settled life.

Lucky Days: Tuesday is their lucky day.

Lucky Number: 2 ,7 & 9 are fortunate numbers.









Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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