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 Aries – Mesha

Aries –mesha is the first or head sign of the Zodiac. Aries represents head and face in the human body. It is ruled by Mars. According to sayana system Sun enters Aries on 21st or 22nd March whereas according to Nirayana system Sun enters on 13th or 14th April.

Physical Appearance: Person born under this sign are of middle stature. They posses a lean and muscular body. They are neither stout nor thick. They have fairly long neck and face. Their head will be broad at temples and narrow at the chin.

Mental Tendencies: As Mars rules this sign, the people born in Aries will be ever active and ambitious. They are bold and impulsive. If the ascendant is afflicted they will be rash and aggressive. Beneficial aspects give them confidence and courage. They always aim high and ever enterprising. They do not relish suggestions from other but act according to their own judgment. They do not like subordination but wish to be the leaders in thought and action. Being born in movable sign, they will not hesitate to change whatever they dislike and whenever they want. As Aries is a fiery sign, their mind will be pregnant with ideas and their desire will be to execute them at once. They will try to stick to their own views. They will under estimate others. They are over optimistic. Even if they occupy a humble and subordinate position, they will try to be at the head of some branch of their work. Very quickly they scheme, plan and execute with the ultimate object of directing others. If Aries is afflicted native enthusiasm is converted into fanaticism, and boldness into foolhardiness. Evil planets in the ascendant make them aggressive , proud, arrogant, headstrong, hasty and quarrelsome.

Health and Disease: Generally good health will be enjoyed by the Arians. They will have enough of immunity from, and resistance to, infectious diseases as Mars rules the sign, but they are prone to minor injuries frequently and also accidents occasionally, particularly to the head.

Aries indicates the head. The sixth house there form is Virgo which denotes digestive system and also the nature of the ailment to the Aries born. Therefore they are liable to suffer from headaches, burns, inflammatory diseases, affections of the brain, coma, high fever, colic pains, paralysis, migraine, afflictions to the brains, thrombosis, etc.

Finance and Fortune: People born under this sign are not for amassing wealth, yet they have a desire to earn much and spend likewise. They may loose money by impulsive purchases and rash investments. They always think only of today not tomorrow. They will advice others in spending and saving, but will not follow.

Romance and Marriage: Arians are extremely frank and enthusiastic in love. Their good nature and charm attract the opposite sex. They want freedom, adventure in love and everlasting affection. Ladies born under Aries will be witty and independent. She will take pride about her appearance and domestic environments. She does not like her husband praising any other lady in her presence. She will love only such man whom she can admire. If she marries a soft person then she will dominate him in all activities. Aries men are very desirable and preferred partners. They usually choose beautiful, cleaver and good wives.

Lucky Day: Tuesdays, Saturdays and Fridays. Mondays and Sundays are fair. Other days are expensive and undesirable.

Lucky number: 9, 8 and 6.


Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.
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