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Aquarius – Kumbha

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It is symbolized with pouring out water from a vessel. Before the discovery of Uranus both Hindu sages and Western astrologers assigned this sign to Saturn. But after discovery of Uranus Western astrologers assigned this sign to Uranus.

Physical Features: The people born in Aquarius are tall with full stature. They are strong. Face will be oval, complexion will be fair, and appearance will be handsome. Teeth may be defective. The hair has a brown shade. There may be a mole or scar in the calf muscle.

Mental Tendencies: As Aquarius is an airy sign so they will be intelligent. One cannot fool them by flattery and serve their purpose. They can read the character of others. Saturn ruling the airy sign shows that they consider the merits and demerits of every case purposely slowly, so that they can observe what others do, watch and see the result, and then they act. Though they are intelligent they bit slow in grasping and absorbing fresh ideas, but they never forget as they have good retentive power. They have a broad outlook, human understanding, outspoken, unselfish, humane and impersonal. Though they are very social they are selective while making friendship. They always make efforts to bring harmony and change in any condition which are undesirable, unhealthy and detrimental to the further progress. Uranus being the other owner of this sign, shows not only they are shrewd, clear headed, quick witted and wide awake but they also want to improve the mental standard of all. They are always far ahead with fresh ideas, thoughts and new approach to problems. They always originate new ideas. They will not hesitate to do uncommon and unusual thing. They have their own mannerism, peculiarity and specialty. They are stubborn but not fool hardy. They do not preach to others but they practice.

Health and Disease: As Aquarius opposes the sign of sun, Aquarians are susceptible to infectious disease. Tooth trouble and tonsils may cause problem to them. As Aquarius is the 11th sign of Zodiac, one ankle or limb may be affected. The heart may cause trouble, it may be rheumatic or there may be blood pressure. The legs may swell. Afflicted Venus causes skin disease. One may suffer from eye trouble. Planets in Dhanista star causes high fever, high blood pressure, facture etc. Planets in Sathabisha cause poor digestion and constipation. Planets in Poorvabhadrapada cause poor circulation of blood, skin trouble and ulcerated gums.

Finance and Fortune: Aquarians make money by their talent. They are neither economical nor liberal nor extravagant. They have talent and ambition. They are both fortunate and unfortunate. They never seek for honour but it comes to them. They generally make money by modern machinery, inventions and discoveries.

Romance and Marriage: As Aquarians are intelligent they always prefer educated and equally intelligent partner. As they have a strong attachment and also permanent one, they are unassuming; they do not have loss over the partner. They move with all very freely but yet they prefer those who are equally social, shrewd and studious. Slowly and without any reason, they will discontinue the friendship and love with one if the person does not come up to the standard they expect.

Lucky Days: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday and Mondays are lucky days.

Lucky Number: 3,9,2 & 7 are lucky number.









Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.
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