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Virgo Medical Astrology, Virgo Health Issues
All of us want to lead a healthy and happy life but not many of us know that health is very much influenced by astrology. Each and every planet represents the electromotive forces, which differ in the amount of energy depending on the time, date and location of birth. The influences of astrology are responsible for your physical as well as mental health. A separate area of astrology known as the medical astrology handles the physical aspects of a person. In this field, an astrologer determines what type of physical issues an individual is going to face in the future by simply going through their astrological chart.
Medical astrology explains the psychosomatic relation between the body and mind. The psychological reasons behind a person’s well being are also revealed by Medical astrology. Each individual, as per their individual psychosomatic make up responds differently to various treatments and therapies. Nowadays, many people consult a medical astrologer before going through any surgeries.
The knowledge of the Sun, Moon and other planets is also used for choosing the best time for fasting, pregnancy and any important medical procedure. This increases the chances of positive results by minimizing the danger of complications. It does not matter how skeptical you are, you have to believe that different parts of a human body are governed by various planets. It is also believed that each zodiac sign controls a particular part of the body. The position of Sun, Moon and other planets causes various health issues on different zodiac signs.
Effects on Virgo
Moon: A Virgo Moon can have issues related with breathing and eating. They can also have issues with the old carpets in the room, stockings made of nylon or with certain plants. A child belonging to this zodiac sign should not be forced to have food or use any objects they are allergic to. This is so because these people might develop allergies. These natives suffer from hay fever and asthma.
Discussing about their health issues with experts help these people. A proper counseling can help them to get rid of the allergies. Issues like Crone’s disease are common in Virgo. These people also suffer from appendicitis and worms. They should avoid any contact with chemicals due to the hyper-sensitivity. They can get allergy with rubber gloves. Constipation, indigestion and diarrhea are common with Virgo.   
Sun: Virgo has a sensitive respiratory system and nervous system. Virgo governs the intestinal tract and the bowels. These people are very health conscious. They are always aware about the spreading of germs, so they are seen washing their hands frequently to ensure that they are not carrying any germs with them. Most of them are vegetarian and find meat disgusting.
One of the reasons for their disgust is their liking for animals. This zodiac sign rules liver as well as pancreas. Many people suffer from indigestion which occurs from a bad liver and not from weak digestive acids. The small intestines, liver, and pancreas are regarded as the weak organs for Virgo. When the natives get stressed, they experience diarrhea.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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