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Medical Astrology Scorpio , Scorpio Health issues

Medical Astrology is the science that examines how the different positions of celestial bodies affect human health. This branch of astrology provides an insight into the timings of the events and can also give clues as when we might suffer from a disease. When a child is born, a doctor can say how weak or strong the baby is, whether his immunity system is strong or weak etc, but if the child’s horoscope is shown to a medical astrologer he can tell the diseases that the child may suffer from in the future. Not only this; a medical astrologer can also tell the date and time of their suffering.

Medical astrology is defined as a science, which uses the information collected from one’s astrological chart made during the time of their birth.  Medical astrology offers important and life saving information. With the help of this division of astrology a person can solve all health related issues before it appears. For a proper diagnosis of the health problems with the help of astrology, only 3 things are needed. These three things are date, year and month of birth. According to this branch of astrology, the human body is divided into 12 parts and each of them is related to 12 zodiac signs.

In this astrology, every planet influences the outcome of a disease, mainly depending on the location of the planets in the different zodiac signs. The twelve zodiac signs signify certain aspects of the human body, including particular regions, organs and their functions. The 12 zodiac signs represent environmental influences on human beings.  The Sun is generally regarded as the main indicator of the health of a man, with the Moon gaining a secondary importance. As far as the females are concerned, the Moon is chief health indicator and the Sun is of secondary importance.

Effects on Scorpio

Scorpio is the eighth sign among the 12 zodiac signs. This sign is ruled by Pluto and Mars. As every sign rules both internal and external structures, Scorpio governs prostate, genital organs and the nasal bones. As far as internal structures are concerned it governs prostate, bladder, gonads and descending colon. It also influences the thyroid gland and thymus, uterus, menstruation and sweat glands. It rules the organs responsible for reproduction and excretion.

Moon: The moon in this zodiac sign causes problems in the rectal and genital areas of both the sexes. A common disorder with Scorpio is constipation. The irritable and disturbed bowel syndrome in these people results in diarrhea like symptoms. This is generally caused by tension and food. These problems start with the menstrual problems and disappear during intercourse in women.


Sun: These people generally suffer from impotence, testicular cancer, venereal diseases, and degenerative diseases affecting the muscular system. This sign is regarded as one of the healthiest signs among the 12 zodiac signs. These people should drink large amount of water to keep themselves away from constipation. They should always have a diet having high fiber content. These natives should make sure they do regular exercises.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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