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Medical Astrology Sagittarius , Sagittarius Health issues

Astrology is a language of interconnections, showing how all the things, health, signs, planets, people, herbs, etc. are connected together. It creates these types of connections with the help of a logical analysis of different planets. As signs, herbs and planets consists natural elements, human body also comprises of these things. The human body is made of four elements of nature known as Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These elements offer various types of energetic qualities. Earth is cool and dry, Fire is hot, Water is moist and cold and Air is moist and hot.  


Good health is represented by all these four elements mentioned above. The food we eat, the lifestyle we lead, our level of consciousness and the planetary cycles all affects the balance of human health.  The horoscope of a person generally highlights their health patterns. The location of the Sun sign and the Moon sign shows the different regions of the body that are most subject to diseases. The movement of planets causes different disease. One can know the disease they are going to suffer in the future with the help of medical astrology.


Medical astrology can be explained as an ancient medical system that related to different parts of the human body, drugs and disease. The influence of the Sun, the Moon and the various planets along with the 12 astrological signs cause various illness. A medical astrologer, after examining the birth chart gives advises to the people about the diseases. These astrologers also offer remedial methods by which a person can get rid of the health issues.


Effects on Sagittarius


Moon:  The moon in this zodiac sign generally produces cysts, tumors and growths. These are caused by the planet, Jupiter. These people suffer from liver disorder and most often suffer from cirrhosis. If the person belonging to this zodiac sign undergoes stress, there are chances that they might suffer from Jaundice. These people generally experience various infections mainly during traveling. People suffering from malaria and rare disease should not overlook them. This sign indicates long life but for enjoying it, one should take special care. These people have difficulties while walking or running. They suffer from issues in hip areas. They also experience hormonal imbalances. If the person does regular exercise, they can live a happy and healthy life.


Sun: The Sun in Sagittarius causes concerns related with arteries, blood, hips, liver and thighs. These people experience hardening of the arteries also known as Atherosclerosis, diseases affecting coronary arteries and high blood pressure. These people are generally worried about their over weight associated with Jupiter. This sign is the healthiest of all the zodiac signs. The ruling planet, Jupiter really favors the people belonging to this sign. Shallow breath is common among these natives. Women generally have big hips and huge thighs. As you grow older you will start gaining more weight making you over weight. The guys belonging to this sign generally remain thin. Regardless of the sex, these people suffer from injuries in the lower part of their body like a broken hip or thigh, injured pelvis, etc.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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