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Medical Astrology Pisces , Pisces Health issues

Medical astrology may be defined as astrology or an ancient medical system that relates the different parts of the body, drugs and diseases under the control of the Moon, Sun and other heavenly bodies or planets. The roots of medical astrology may be traced to the Vedic or ancient Hindu philosophy which attributes an increased importance to the influence of planets on the zodiacs. While this branch of astrology is often considered as a superstition or pseudoscience owing to the lack of any scientific basis, it holds an important influence on human beings nevertheless.
The effects of the Sun and Moon on Pisces is varied. This zodiac is ruled by Neptune, the God of the Sea and this is why it is hailed as a water sign. Every part of our body is associated with a particular zodiac. Pisces is said to rule the feet and toes, along with the lymphatic system. This is why a number of Pisceans proclaim that they suffer from foot injuries. Some will also tell you about undergoing surgery at some point in their life or the other. However, the most common problem Pisces suffers from is depression and loneliness which seems to affect this zodiac a lot more than any other sign.
Effects of Medical Astrology on your Personality
Neptune being the ruler of Pisces affects alcohol and drugs and this is the reason why a lot of individuals belonging to this zodiac sign become susceptible to the effects of addiction. Pisces takes to drink for numbing their depressing feelings and escaping from the stress of life. However, this adversely affects their health. Addiction may also come in different forms other than misuse of alcohol. The Piscean may go to extremes with issues such as eating, exercise, emotions, television, sex and work.
Effects on Pisces
Moon: The Moon in Pisces makes these natives extremely sensitive to the environment which often makes them develop allergic reactions to a few foods and drugs. This is why they should be careful about the medicines they take and prepare against any side effects which are generated. Since the Piscean is blessed with the characteristic of mimicking everyone around them, they start behaving the same. This is why Pisces should be always surrounded by people with positive energy and health. They should consume foods like lemon, juice, fish, cranberries and apples. They may be sensitive to certain foods like dairy products.
Sun: Since the Piscean is sensitive to the environment, they can comfort themselves by drinking or eating too much. They need these indulgences in order to survive. The Sun in Pisces also makes them prone towards nicotine. Anxiety is one of the major problems the Piscean faces and this can be corrected by practical advice and rationality. They should guard against reacting obsessively. The vulnerable areas of the body include the lymphatic system and they may be prone to swelling, drugs and sore feet. Despite these complaints, the emotional nature of Pisceans may even make them vulnerable to different kinds of psychosomatic illnesses.

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