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Medical Astrology Libra , Libra Health issues

You might have noticed that people who believe in astrology generally visit astrologers to know about their career or income, or probably their marriage or the scope of child in their life etc. But there are few who visit an astrologer to ask about their health until and unless they suffer from a serious incurable disease. There is an old saying “Health is Wealth” but nowadays, this saying looks like “Wealth is Health”. Many of us are not aware of the reality that astrology which can predict every rise and fall, failure and success can also forecast the life of an individual.


To know the aspects of one’s health, medical astrologers should be consulted. These astrologers by studying the horoscope of a person can tell them about the diseases they are going to suffer in the future. The horoscope of an individual is just like a X-ray report for his whole life and with the help of medical astrology the diseases can be quickly picked from this report. Many diseases can be detected with the help of Horoscope which would have otherwise been known when its symptoms would appear. In medical astrology, the forecasting is done on the basis of different positions of various planets, the Sun and Moon.


All of us know that planets keep on moving. The movements of the various celestial bodies cause different effects on the health of the people belonging to the 12 different zodiac signs. The best thing about medical astrology is that once a disease is detected it also offers various remedies to solve them. There are many people who have tried medical astrology remedies and get rid of their health issues.


Effects on Libra


Libra generally governs the excretory functions through the skin and kidneys, buttocks and adrenals. This zodiac sign rules the lower back, kidneys and ovaries. It is found that women falling under this sign have low immunity system. They generally experience different kinds of infections. Most of them are sensitive to skin. There are some diseases that are caused to these people when the moon enters their zodiac sign.


Moon: The Moon in this zodiac sign causes issues in the bladder, ovaries in the women and bladder. These people can trace inflammations of kidney and strep infections in the throat. The sexually transmitted illness causing mild inflammations in the ovaries of woman are common among these native. These inflammations generally cause tubular pregnancies in women. These people are susceptible to water-borne diseases and their body easily absorbs poisonous agents used in various cosmetics. Skin diseases and infections are common in Libra. Although skin infections are less popular these days, still they occur and generally act like hives producing open sores.


Sun: Libras are born with brain and beauty. Kidney is regarded as the weakest organ in these people. Skin issues like dry patches on the skin, itchy skin and acne are common in these individuals. These people get tired very fast. They also suffer from headaches but they are not as serious as migraines. These people should include large amounts of vegetables and fresh fruits in their diet which will keep the kidneys clean.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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