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Medical Astrology Leo , Leo Health Issues

Earlier, an astrologer was consulted for predicting good fortune, marriage, wealth etc but without a good health these areas of life cannot be met. Here comes the importance of birth chart. Examining a birth chart can warn by a person about their upcoming illness. This is done by Medical Astrology. It is a branch of astrology dealing mainly with the health problems in human being. It has been proved as a diagnostic tool for fast recovery and long lasting cures. If an individual is aware of the diseases, he can take precautions to avoid it and lead a healthy and happy life.


Medical astrologers say that the science of Medical astrology deals with various diseases and unless the science moves beyond medical knowledge, there are less chances of improvement in the human health. According to medical astrology, a person should be treated by understanding their characteristics, their emotional and psychological state, their sensitivity and their past life. These things can be easily done by reading the horoscope of the patients. With medical astrology one can know whether the person is having a weak will power, whether he is a negative thinker and many more. The horoscope also shows the hidden tendencies for various illnesses and the root cause of the issue.


An expert medical astrologer analyzes the horoscope and determines body weaknesses and strengths. In case of any disease, the astrologers also suggest remedial measure by which a person can get a relief from it. Medical astrology also offers advices regarding the kind of disease the person will suffer from and also which body part will be mostly affected by the disease. Human body is an expression of both spirit and mind. You must have noticed that when the spirit is light, the mind is able to make good choices. The position of various stars, planets, Sun and Moon affects one’s mood as well as their health conditions.


Effects on Leo


Moon: Generally, the natives are healthy but if affected they suffer from giddiness, heart and blood disorders. This individual indulges in wine and food and most of the time suffers from indigestion. They can also undergo high blood pressure and heart disorders. These people suffer from issues related to back and spinal cord, inflammations and heart. Whenever a Leo comes across symptoms of the disease, they become frightened and immediately rush to a doctor. Females should undergo gynecological tests most often. These people might have to spend a large amount of money on the treatment of their back.


Sun: With the Sun in the 5th zodiac sign, Leo, there are chances of issues concerning the spine, heart, back and mostly the right part of the body. There is a possibility of strokes, heart attacks, injuries in the spinal cord and issues during pregnancy. As far as health is concerned, this sign governs the circulatory system and the heart. If a Leo gets disappointed emotionally, it directly affects the heart. So, it is not a matter of surprise that many people, especially Leo men suffer from heart attacks when they reach their forties. There are times when Leos also suffer from phlebitis which can become deadly. These natives might feel a tingling sensation in their fingers and toes.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.
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