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Medical Astrology Gemini , Gemini Health Issues

Astrology exerts tremendous influence on human beings due to the different positions of the planets and houses of the birth chart and also horoscope. Nowadays we can detect the diseases, affected parts of the body because of the attack and the duration of the diseases with the help of medical astrology. Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that deals with health. The twelve zodiac signs are associated with the twelve limbs in the human body. The Ascendant, Aries rules the head and the last sign, Pisces rules the feet. Medical astrology is of immense help in giving relief to the patients from various kinds of health issues.


The interaction of planets in the Transit and in the horoscope causes great influence on the mind and the ability to motivate. The various birth signs signify different parts of the body and the issues caused because of the transitís effect on the position of the particular star on zodiac signs or birth signs. The Natal birth chart helps in determining the state of disease and wellness of an individual, oneís internal conflicts and spirit. The horoscope is considered as a blueprint of the total being, reflecting the interaction of the mind, spirit and body. Besides, medical astrology is also helpful in possible treatment or surgery.


By examining the combinations and placements of various planets in a natal chart a medical astrologer can determine the physical or psychological weakness that might cause diseases. A medical astrologer also offers advices to people for physiological remedies and precautions. Astrologers separate the moon in two fortnights named as bright half in which the Moon is waxing and another known as dark half in which the Moon is on the wane. The waning Moon is regarded as weak and wicked whereas the gleaming Moon is considered auspicious and strong. Generally, Moon absorbs the qualities of other planets thereby causing different effects on different signs.


Effects on Gemini


Moon: People are prone to bursitis, coughs, colds and bronchitis. These people suffer from inflammations of the pleura, sac around their lungs, pleurisy and emphysema. This zodiac sign deals with the ability of the body to absorb oxygen and those with Moons in their zodiac sign need plenty of air and should engage themselves in various outdoor activities.  They easily get affected by all kinds of pollution and air borne diseases. These people should make sure that they are not surrounded by smokers. Geminiís suffer from hands, fingers and wrist issues. The symptoms of carpal tunnel are a common Gemini issue.


Sun:  When the Sun makes an entry in Gemini, the people are prone to all Mercury or Gemini ailments. Gemini rules the body parts we have two on our body which includes ankles, eyes, shoulders and eras. It also affects the nervous system. Hearing issues, bursitis, blindness and sclerosis are some of the common issues with Geminiís. Whenever these people get sick, they get over it very fast. If a person is suffering from cold from the last 7 days, the Geminiís will get cured in 3 to 4 days. The fallopian tubes in ladies, the urethra and the ureter tubes are ruled by Gemini.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.
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