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Medical Astrology Capricorn , Capricorn Health issues

Medical Astrology is defined as a branch of astrology which deals with the health issues of human beings. It is also regarded as a special field of astrology in which a person can know about the health problems they are going to suffer in their future. In this, the only thing that plays an important role is birth horoscope. By seeing the different positions of the planets in birth chart, a medical astrologer can predict about the diseases one is susceptible to. This plays a very important role because a person comes to know about the diseases beforehand. With this knowledge, he or she can take various precautions to deal with it.


Medical astrology deals with the different illness and it is believed by astrologers at different part of the world that until the science goes beyond scientific knowledge, there are few chances of any improvement in human health. Medical astrology, a branch of astrology which treats a person by understanding their characteristics, their psychological and emotional state also takes inputs from incidences from past life.


With the help of your horoscope a medical astrologer can say the diseases you are prone to and the time in which you will be affected by the disease. If you are worried about the treatment, there is good news for you. Medical astrology also offers easy methods by which you can get rid of the illness. Different parts of human body are ruled by different planets causing various affects on their health.


Effects on Capricorn


Moon: When the Moon enters this zodiac sign, it causes problems in the teeth, bone and skin. This is one sign that generally produces intolerance of lactose. These people lack in calcium which makes there bones weak. Due to the weak bones, these people mostly suffer from breakages and fractures. The old people belonging to this zodiac sign generally suffer more than the young people.


There are possibilities of losing teeth at a very young age. This may be caused due to a decay and breakage. People should not neglect their tooth and take special care of them. These people are said to be sensitive to light. Ingrown toenails and deterioration of nails, fungus in the nails are common issues with these individuals.


Sun: This sign is really interesting as its symbol is a combination of goat and fish. These people generally do not show their emotions quickly. Even when in private, these people are very choosy about the people with whom they share their feelings and conservative. This can lead to health issues in the future. These people suffer from inflammation of gallbladder. They are prone to gallbladder stones.


If you come under this sign, you must have experienced heartburns in the region around the chest. Knee is another important area which should be taken care of. The major areas of concern for these people are bones, skin, knees and teeth. Usually these people suffer from dental problems, chills, bone sickness including bone cancer, also known as osteoporosis. These natives should add more calcium content to their food items so that they can have strong bones.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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