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Medical Astrology Cancer , Cancer Health Issues

As today’s perception of the world is governed by the “rational” principles, we are inclined to see the world around us in terms of how it exists. The ancient way of trying to find out information about an illness by seeing the position of the stars and planets might seem strange to some, but the primitive people viewed the universe in a different manner than viewed by us today. They experienced the aspects of the universe both subjectively and objectively. For them using astrology to predict any disease and remedies for it was not a strange thing.


Astrology has been used in the medical professions since a long time. It helps in diagnosing an illness and for identifying the potential cause behind it. Medical astrology is a special branch of astrology dealing with the health issues of human life.  It entails a detailed study and preparation of the horoscope. As every house of the Vedic horoscope represents a body part, a medical astrologer analyses various houses of it and finds out the good and bad affects on each of the houses.


After a detailed study of every house in a horoscope, an astrologer tells the person about their general health, diseases they are prone to, intensity of the disease and also the recovery methods. The most useful feature of a medical astrology is suggesting astrological methods and therapies by which one can get rid of the illness. This unique feature makes medical astrology a helpful toll for the human beings.


According to medical astrology, the position of Sun and Moon causes various illnesses in the human body. The Sun is regarded as a life giver and is related to well being. It is also associated with growth. As flowers need sunlight to grow, we, human beings need it too. On the contrary, Moon rules the water and fluids of the body and affects its regulation. The moon also causes mood swings.


Effects on Cancer


Moon: As Moon is the sign of Cancer, it offers good health, but people belonging to this sign generally have upset stomachs. They suffer from palpitations making them feel nervous. Good aspects can solve this issue gradually. Issues related with gall bladder, and hernias are common with these people. Natives belonging to this group should not ignore heartburn as this can become a serious issue in the future.


These people are prone to ulcers and should try to avoid emotional distress. If you are among those who stop eating when upset, should strictly avoid it.  They are sensitive to hot and spicy and acid foods. These groups of people have weak breasts and have high chances of suffering from lumps and cysts.


Sun:  Whatever sign the Sun is placed in will suffer from a weakness with that part of the body. When the Sun is in the 4th House in Cancer, natives experience issues with the stomach, digestive system, breasts and glands. These people generally suffer from blood related disorders like excessive bleeding during menstruation, leukemia, stomach cancer and ulcer. Disorders caused by hormones are common in these people. They are more prone to cataract than people belonging to other zodiac signs.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.
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