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Medical Astrology Aries, Aries Health Issues

Astrology is explained as the study of celestial influences on human beings. These influences are closely associated with the motion of Sun, Moon and other planets. The position of the planets and stars affects all living creatures. It can also be regarded as a study of the relationship of the position and motion of the celestial bodies with physical events. Most of us are unaware of the fact that the movements of various planets affect our health conditions.


 Effects of Medical Astrology on your Personality

 Astrology has played a vital role in traditional medical systems all over the world. Medical astrology, also known as Iatromathematics, is an ancient medical system that links different parts of the body with the movements of the planets under the influence of the sun, moon and other celestial bodies. Every astrological sign together with the planets, sun and moon is related with different parts of our body. Medical astrology is regarded as an invaluable tool that helps in speedy recoveries and cures. 

 If a person knows the diseases to which he or she is susceptible, they can protect themselves against it from the beginning. For this, one should know the effects of both sun and moon on the various zodiac signs. The twelve zodiac signs cover the every part of our body from head to toe. It starts from head which is ruled by Aries and ends at the toe covered by Pisces. The effects of sun and moon on different zodiac signs may cause different diseases.


 Effects on Aries


 Moon: The ability of a human body to function properly is ruled by the Moon and the biological material that a human being inherits since birth is dealt by the Sun. In this zodiac sign, the Moon results in migraine headaches. This is generally caused by the various types of food intolerance and sinus issues.

 People belonging to this zodiac sign generally suffer from problems in the tongue and mouth. If an Aries has the habit of smoking or uses snuff, the Moon can generate nasty results and repeated pain. Generally, the adults coming under this zodiac sign are intolerant to lactose or milk products; so if the Moon gets inflicted the child must be given soy milk or something of that kind. The Moon can cause also high fevers for the Aries. Different types of dental issues and infections in the jaws fall under Aries.


 Sun: Aries rules the top part of the body, i.e. the brain and skull. This zodiac sign also rules the nose, skin and outer ears. The effects of the Sun on Aries cause blood pounding, severe headaches and throbbing once they get angry due to the increase in their blood pressure. Older people belonging to this sun sign should pay attention to this issue as they may be prone to high blood pressure in the future. Aries suffer from headaches which are mainly caused by stress. When there is a high stress level, they are attacked by migraines.


Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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