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Medical Astrology Aquarius , Aquarius Health issues

Medical astrology is the branch of astrology which deals with the health aspect of the different zodiac signs. Aquarius is an air sign which means that it is unpredictable. Those who are born with their Moon in an air sign respond to situations in the way they deem as fit. They tend to act like they are expected to or imitate the behavior of others. This gives them the appearance of detachment or non involvement. Before the situation becomes a physical experience for them and before they consider the practicality and stability of the thing and their feelings with regards to it, they act and speak in a way they are expected to.


Effects of Medical Astrology on your Personality


For Aquarians, things take place in a way as if these are not happening to them. Despite their analytical detachment, most are loyal and loving in their relationships. Aquarians can be sympathetic towards others without being sentimental. It may seem that the Aquarian does not care about your moodiness, but this is because they are never besought with moodiness themselves. Aquarius is known as the Water Bearer and being the third air sign, it is unorthodox and intellectual and is ruled by Uranus which demonstrates unexpected upheavals and sudden changes.


Uranus is hailed as the planet of eccentrics and the unconventional. The Aquarian displays the Uranian attributes of being determined, stubborn and unpredictable. They constantly favor the traditional as well as the unique. This is why their lifestyles are usually counter to the preexisting trends. Externally, Aquarius governs the ankles, the calf and tibia, whereas internally, the zodiac is ruled by vision, blood circulation and breathing. Structurally, Aquarius affects the bones of your lower limbs. The zodiac is associated closely with circulation and blood, the tendency being generally towards impure blood.


Effects on Aquarius


Moon: The Moon in Aquarius is prone to arthritis and hardening of the arteries along with the varicose veins, especially in the legs. Circulatory difficulties may also be noticed. Since Aquarius and Leo are affected by problems in their circulation, it is suggested that they choose warmer climates in old age. The Moon in this zodiac sign at times produces strange effects especially when the individual is affected by serious amounts of stress. This is often cured by the help of a regular sleep pattern and generous food habits. Fresh air is especially recommended for them.


Sun: The Sun in Aquarius makes these natives nervous, gloomy and sensitive. This often leads to fixed ideas and habits which make the diseases persist for a long time. Heart related problems and hypertension are popular. Cramps, sudden allergies and illnesses are frequent for the natives of Aquarius. Freak accidents are also common in the charts of these people. Different disorders of the nerves are also predicted. Aquarius tends to focus a lot of starch, with their favorite foods being pasta, spaghetti and any kind of cheese. The high fat content of these foods make them bloated. Hence, suitable restrictions should be exercised.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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