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8th House Vedic Astrology, Eighth House

The eighth house is considered as the bhava that has a direct bearing on the longevity or life span of a person in the material world. In context of the question of longevity, it needs to be said that one should consider the aspects of the first as well as third houses while taking into account the eighth house. The eighth house is also known as the house of death and once the person has lived the allotted span of their life; all which is related with death such as legacies, inheritance, insurance, wills, gratuity, bonus and the like will be affected. The lagna is said to indicate the aspect of incarnation and the eighth house indicates disincarnation. According to the Hindus, the eighth house stands for the end of the individual’s life.

 The house indicates whether the person will encounter a natural death or if it will be unnatural such as by accident, drowning, fire, suicide, or chronic disease or if the death will be slow, sudden or violent. The timing of the death needs to b inferred with reference to the houses 2 and 7, which are placed respectively in the 12 to 8th and 3rd houses after judging the bhadakasthanas. First and foremost, you need to understand whether the horoscope of the native promises long, medium or short life span. If there is a long life that is indicated by the horoscope, the evil aspect that has been formed to the 8th house or the planets that are connected with it by transit or progression when the native is young will not result in death.

 Aspects of the Eighth House

 The person may thus suffer from ill health instead of perishing. The ill health may be a cause when the native goes through the period or the sub period of a beneficial planet showing signs of vitality or full recovery. The eighth house may indicate other disturbing effects that are indicated by the effects on the native. They may be for instance worried about the fact that their parent is getting hospitalized. This is because the eighth house is the twelfth to the ninth house that represents the father figure.

 When the eighth house is occupied by the lord of the lagna, or the planet in the eighth is posited in the constellation of the lord of the lagna, the native may encounter death. If the lord of the third house occupying the eighth house is in the constellation of the lord of the twelfth, the younger brother or sister of the native may result in the cause of their death. If the third house is connected alone, the death may result in the asylum, nursing home, and sanatorium or in an unknown place. In connection with the eleventh house, the native may die in the residence of a friend or an elder brother.

 Influence of the Planets on the Eighth House

 When Uranus is connected with the eighth house, it may indicate a sudden and strange death. Neptune may lead to mysterious death. The influence of Saturn tends to give credibility of the death to colds, bone troubles, rheumatism etc. Jupiter generally gives the person a calm and peaceful death. Mars causes death due to fire epidemics and inflammations. It may be caused due to small pox, or trouble in the bladder. The death may usually take place as a result of sudden illness attack.

 Applications of the 8thHouse


Ashta – eight

Ayus – life or longevity

Adhi – mental pain

Parabhava – insult, humiliation or defeat

Klesha – sorrow

Apavadha – scandal, ill repute

Marana – death

Asuchi – impurity

Vinga – impediment or obstacle



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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