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7th House Vedic Astrology, Seventh House

 The seventh house is also known as the house of union or for that matter the house of the earthly ties. The seventh house is indicative of legal bondage and it is through the effects of this house that one needs to be thoughtful about marriage. Although marriage is generally thought of being the sign of the seventh house, it is also important to consider the houses of the second or eleventh bhavas in this respect. As far as the aspect of marriage is concerned, it implies that there is an addition to be made in the family.

 The second house when placed in conjunction to the seventh indicates the mother, father, wife, kids etc. The partner though marriage brings pleasure as well as progeny which is influenced by the eleventh house. This is the reason why one needs to examine the second as well as eleventh houses in relation to the seventh. The houses 2, 7 and 11 are connected by the benefic planets either through association or through aspect. It denotes that the partner in life will come from a respectable family and will be virtuously disposed, possessing good qualities. This will help them lead a happy and harmonious wedded life.

 Besides the life partner, the seventh house shows the partner in the trade or business and the amount of success that is achieved through the virtue of partnership. Friendship is also indicated. The seventh house is also referred to the people with whom the native will have contracts or agreements. The native may come into conflict with the people or may engage in argument, duels, litigation, or contest, like for instance the person may face a competitor in any kind of undertaking.

 He may have public adversaries in elections. The seventh house may be said to indicate all the people with whom the native is engaged in transaction or any kind of dealing in any manner. These people may include the engineer or contactor, who constructs the house for the native, the person for whom the native builds the house, the doctor who attends on the native, the patient on whom the native attends, the person who lends money to the native, or the person from whom he borrows the money.

Effects of Planets on the Seventh Bhava

 The good aspects of the planets in the seventh bhava or to the cusp of the seventh house may indicate the native’s relation with the public and favor he gets from them. If the planet is placed in the bhava in the evil aspect, the native may have to be careful while engaging in public activity. The house indicates whether the person will be able to interact freely in society. The matters that are governed by the seventh house are fine, divorce, agreements, legal bonds, contracts and others. It shows a break of journey or brief journeys and visits to different places within the same trip.

 The first house indicates longevity while the seventh house opposes. It thus poses a danger to longevity. The lagna represents the routine life of the individual and the permanent place of residence. One needs to consider the seventh house in respect to the change of residence. Matters related to international relationships are indicated by the seventh house. War, arbitration, foreign affairs and international trade are symbolized by the seventh house. It is known as the house of self acquisition.

 Applications of the 7thHouse



Chittottha – desire


Dvuna – love

Madha – passion

Gamana – cohabitation

Astha – setting

Advan – way or road

Marga – way

Loka – public

Kalathra – wife or husband (spouse)



Kalathrasampat – dowry



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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