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2nd House Vedic Astrology, Second House

The second house is signified by money as well as financial matters and indicates the financial circumstances or fortune, gain or profit. The financial prosperity or otherwise of the native is also indicated. This is the house that governs the well being of the native so that they can lead a happy life together. The native of the second house is communicative and this is the reason why they can do well in jobs that are related to communication with others.

 One of the important influences of the second house is that it allows the native to express his thoughts well. The house rules the element of ‘vak’, which means that it allows the native to speak well. If the ketu was in the second house, in a mute sign like Cancer or karkata, Scorpio or vrischik, or Pisces or meena, the native may be dumb. In the nativity, if the Mangala or Mars occupies the second house occupying the good aspects of Mercury or Jupiter, the native may be adept in good conversation. The presence of the moon in the second house in the positive aspect of Mars, the speech of the native will be clear.

 Effects of the Planets

 If the moon is in the second house in good relation to Mercury, the native will also have good conversational abilities. With Jupiter throwing good aspects in the Moon, the native will speak wisely. Venus which throws good aspects on Mars will be likely to make the native speak about sex, entertainment and the pursuits of pleasure. Uranus that follows a good aspect to the moon will render the individual to be eccentric in their speech. With the sun forming a good aspect, the person will be a respectable speaker. Mercury which is the planet of pure intellect occupying the second house with an air sign will indicate that the person is a good speaker.

 The second house deals with matters pertaining to marriage. This is because the second house is 8th to the 7th representing the first wife. If the first wife expires, the native is likely to go for a second marriage. Although marriage is primarily the concern of the seventh house, the second house is referred to for ascertaining the time of the marriage, description of the partner and the status of the native’s married life.

 The second house is said to represent vision or the observational power of the individual, eye (especially the right eye), memory and imagination. Other than these, the second house also governs the nose, tongue, teeth, chin and cheeks. The influence of the evil planets in the second house may cause moles, or scars in these regions of the body. The second house should be investigated in order to ascertain whether the native will protect others or if he will engage in losses. With the presence of the malefic, the native may not be in good terms with his parents.

 The presence of Saturn in the second house indicates that the native will be slow and economical while speaking. Jupiter will make the native earn through fair methods and speak well. The second house influences the loans, money that is borrowed or lent, money invested in speculations or money left with a guardian. This house along with the influence of the fifth house should be determined to understand if a person has an aptitude towards music.

 Applications of the Second Bhava

 Artha – wealth
Bhukthi – food
Dhakashakshi – right eye
Annapana – if one eats or drinks
Nayana – eye
pathrika – document
Vak – speech
Kutumbha – family
Mangalam – happy or auspicious ending
Sva – property
Asya – face



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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