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1st House Vedic Astrology , First Bhava – Lagnam

The first house, or what is more commonly known as the lagna or ascendant, indicates the native, his general appearance, temperament or table. It indicates the physical stature of the person, color, shape and form of the person in general. The ascendant is an important influence in the way the health of a person is influenced and their general constitution. Good aspects to the cuspal degree of the ascendant indicate good health, while negative aspects imply the latter. It also hints at the vitality and vigor of the person and his thinking capacity, natural disposition, personality and struggle for life, success or failure and fortune or misfortune.

The first, third and tenth houses should be examined for ascertaining the expected span of a person’s life. The lagna is also said to describe the person’s station in life, status, honor, property, dignity, and overall well being. The first house is also an indication of courage and determination to move ahead and forget the best. The lagna indicates whether the native will live abroad. This is why it is indicated that the characteristics of the house should be examined before deciding whether the native will live in their place of birth, or move elsewhere.

In brief, it can be said that the tenth house is an indication of the changes that a person is likely to encounter in their life. This is why the house is extremely important. Everything depends on upon the occupant and the aspects of the ascendant.

The first house governs the head and upper facial region.

The characteristics of mundane astrology specify that the ascendant of a country indicate the people of the country or the usual condition of the state or locality for which the horoscope is made.

One of the important elements that are affected by the first house is growth of limbs, misery, happiness, appropriation of the money of others, hair, gambling on money for others and the like. If Saturn happens to be placed in the lagna where there are the malefic Ketu and Rahu, the native will be lazy. The wife of the man is likely to have abortive tendencies. If there is Mars or Mercury, the person will be ever active.

Aspects of the First Bhava

The first house also signifies various aspects such as tendency to insult other men, perseverance in their efforts, freedom from diseases, loss of decorum and getting blame from individuals, and more.

Lagna is indicative of the advantage and profits that the younger brother and friends of the person are entitled to.

Name, fame, repute, patrimony of the mother and other similar aspects are some of the features that are attributed to the first house. Long journeys, higher studies, life in a hostel while they are students, connection with strangers and foreigners for the kids of the native (especially for the first child), are some of the things which are indicated by the ascendant. The person who is a native of the first house or lagna is also affected by the danger to their maternal uncle, and the ened of inimical activities of any kind. The demise of the partner, wife or husband or the pleasurable pursuits and speculating aspects or tendencies of the father figure are also some of the additional aspects that are indicated.

The native is likely to undertake brief journeys, and jobs in editing, publishing, and neighbors to their elderly siblings.

With each house symbolizing the matters relating to the person, they also imply matters pertaining to their relatives.

Applications of the 1st Bhava

Adya – first
Janama – birth
Dhanus – physical body
Seersa – head
Anga – limb
Deham – physical features
Varthamana – livelihood or living
udhayam – ascending


Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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