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11th House Vedic Astrology, Eleventh House

 According to the researches of both eastern as well as western astrologers, the eleventh house is the house of friends. It is the house which stands for all who are allied to the natives by likeness or sympathy of interest in community and society. It indicates the favorites of the person, flatterers, admirers, associates, adherents, advisors, close acquaintances, well wishers, and supporters. The aspect of casual acquaintances is indicated by the third house. It is important to pay attention to the eleventh bhava to understand the friends one will acquire.

 The houses 9 to 12 are known as Dharma (9), Artha (10), Kama (11) and Moksha (12) house respectively. Kama here does not indicate mere passion; it also stands for desire. Siddhi is indicated by fulfillment. The eleventh house resolves all questions that are related to hopes, wishes, aspirations and their attainment. The eleventh house governs success in diverse undertakings whether it is related to profession or business dealings.

 The areas governed by the eleventh house are foreign collaborations and higher studies, election, speculation, litigation, writing, health and more. If one is involved in litigation when he is running the conjoined periods of the planets, the native may expect a favorable outcome. He may then come out successfully usually with the help of compromise even if his case is weak. This is because the eleventh house stands for gain and lasting friendship. The eleventh house is commonly referred to as the labhasthana or the house of gains.

Aspects of the Eleventh House

 It is through the effects of the eleventh house that every kind of accumulation of the incoming wealth of the native is taken care of. One may be likely to earn with the help of their efforts, which is indicated by the lagna. The aspect of self acquisition is something that is indicated by this house. Earning may be made through short writings, younger brother or agency. Money received through the mother figure, vehicles, immovable property and treasure etc. are indicated by the fourth house. The fifth house indicates gains in speculation, lottery, sports and interest in forms of amusement like cinema, theater etc.

 The sixth house implies income through service, pet animals, or through borrowing. Income that is gained by business partnerships, husband or wife and litigation can be achieved through the seventh house. The eighth house involves insurance, provident fund, legacies, wills etc. One may even gain monetary benefits by foreign collaboration, coming into contact with strangers, father or by performing research which are aspects that are effected upon by the ninth house. The tenth house indicates the income of the native through business, profession or inheritance and the act of withdrawing money from the bank.

 When the first to tenth houses are put together, it indicates the different sources of a person’s earnings. The twelfth house of a person’s horoscope shows all the expenses, investments and withdrawals of money from the bank. Addition of the income resulting from the first to tenth houses and deducting the expenses of the twelfth house is the profit, which is represented by the eleventh house.

 The good aspects of the significations are affected by the eleventh house. It signifies the return of capital as well as interest by the person who has taken the money on loan and on the same plane, the favorable aspects to the planets which are connected beneficially to the fifth house, connoting that the native will pay the amount back to the source along with the interest.

 The eleventh house also presides over the aspect of pleasure. Other than that, it indicates prosperity, pleasure, profit, progress in the attempts taken, peace after the aspirations have been realized, and the permanent bonding of friendship. The desire to go for reunion is something which is indicated by the eleventh house and this is the reason one should investigate the aspects of this house to understand the type of emotional attachments the native will have.

 The placement of the eleventh house should be determined to ascertain how the native will fare in social and financial, and whether he is likely to succeed in these spheres. The house indicates the attitude of the native towards society and his interest towards group advantage, more than attaining his personal goals and ambitions. The eleventh house also indicates reformative as well as unconventional activities. The house looks after the brother and sister of the native and this is why one should pay attention to this house to understand the effects of the association.

 Effects of Planets on the Eleventh House

 The sun residing in the eleventh house indicates lofty actions and desires and success in achieving them. It makes men who are firm and steadfast even after they have achieved success. The position is a good one for indicating social success if they have support from the others.

 Jupiter in the eleventh house shows that the person will have wealthy and virtuous friends who are noble, influential and helpful. Social success, popularity and credit are secured through friendship. The hopes and ambitions of the person are fully realized including social, political and financial success.

 Mercury in the house of eleven draws acquaintances in the literary and scientific minded people. However, since Mercury is mutable by nature, the friends will not be steadfast in their assistance, unless the planet is well placed.

 Saturn in the eleventh house implies dignified occupation of the native and attraction of aged and serious friends. Afflicted Saturn may require the native to be cautious as their acquaintances may use them for their selfish ends.

 Moon receives harmonious aspects when it is well placed in the eleventh house. Moon is changeable and hence it is less likely to make steady friends. One may also be friends with people who are in a subordinate position, especially females and patronage of ladies to gain social success.

 Mars placed in the eleventh house may bring friends to the native among the athletic and martial class. The native will persevere to the end in their efforts until they encounter success. If Mars is afflicted, the individual may become touchy and sensitive towards friends.

 The position of Venusin the eleventh house portrays friendship with people of the opposite sex and people in the social rung who are ready to please the native to get his desires achieved. The friends are usually humane, sympathetic and artistic.

 The influence of Uranuson the eleventh house is strong as it may cause sudden, strange and remarkable relationships. One will associate with people who are creative, inventive and original or are immensely helpful. The gains of the individual will be progressive.

 Neptune when well placed in the eleventh house indicates high spiritual aspirations in the person which will give them the ability to attract other people of the similar natures. They may even help them by helping the native realize their ambitions.

 Terms Used for Referring to the 11th Bhava


Labha – profit or gain

Aya – income or all types of receipts

Kama – desire or passion

Apti – gain

Prapthi – what is due to one individual

Siddhi – fulfillment of one’s desire

Sarasa – anything that is succulent or juicy

Slaghyata – veneration or commendation

Agamana – acquisition

Vibhava – riches or wealth


 Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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