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Astrological Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

Use of gems in ornaments is an age old custom. However, there are certain hidden qualities and multifarious uses of gem other than being used in jewelry for which it is frequently sought amongst various communities. The mystical powers and hidden qualities to substitute for the vital elements found inside human bodies are used for remedying maladies. Astrological powers of the gems are referred in Vedic text of Hora Sara, which is from the Indian philosopher and astrologer Varahamihira.


Uses of various gems are mentioned in astrological texts, such as diamond, sapphire, emerald, coral, pearl, ruby etc. Ruby is one such gem and the stone for sun, which influence a lot of different things.


What are the Astrological Benefits of Ruby?


Ruby influences boldness and power. Ruby also means authority, ambition, generosity, and dignity as well as kind heartedness. With rubyís color and energy vibration, it is possible to substitute the imbalance of energy in a personís life and prevent diseases as well as physiological and psychological woes. With ruby it is possible to bring the good effects on sun upon the person turning them optimistic towards their life and also favoring royal thoughts in them. With use of ruby success is guaranteed as is good reputation of the person in and around his/her circle.


Who should wear?


A lot of different factors together contribute in turning various aspects of a personís life in favor of them. The time and date of their birth is one of the most significant factors in determining personís fate. If for any reasons, the personís sun is afflicted by enemy planets in their horoscope then it can cause defect in their concentration as well as how they think. Those who have Saturn, Ketu or Rahu influencing their sun, which often causes instability in the financial and the professional life, they should try and wear ruby to bring stability to the ups and downs in their life. Often sun person is deprived of government jobs as well as the benefits of it and they are very weak health wise. High blood pressure, cardiac problems and irregular heart beat together with bilious nature and hemorrhage are common.


When such person wears the stone of ruby it causes development of the force within their soul thus raising their confidence and their courage to many folds. In the long run such persons also become quite optimistic towards their life. Ruby helps to cure a lot of health problems as well, like peptic ulcer, rheutism, fever, gout, itch, boils, and insomnia.


Anyone willing to reap the benefits of the stone causing development of their professional and personal life can wear ruby. It is frequently advised to the politicians. People associated with invention and fame can also benefit. Others are engineers, reporters, businessman, etc.


When a Ruby Should Be Worn?


Ruby is usually worn between 8 am to 10 am on the Sunday in ring finger of right hand.


Effects of ruby on each zodiac signs


Usually Libra, Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo are not advised to wear ruby. Other zodiac signs such as Aries, Taurus and Cancer are sometimes advised to wear ruby for their professional and personal benefits. For a cancer, this gem could bring prosperity as well as cure health problems, specifically of eye. Leos should wear ruby if they want to avoid the sun being in the fifth house. Zodiac for whom this gem is very helpful is Scorpio and Sagittarius. Piscean and Aquarius can only wear this in specific condition and an astrologer would be the best person to determine who should and who should not.


Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.
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