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Astrological Benefits of Pearl or Moti Gemstone

The world of astrological stones is vast and sometimes intimidating. Before buying any gemstone, one should know various important things about it. Some people buy gemstones for themselves whereas there are some who purchase it for others. Whatever may be the case, one should know the importance of each stone with its effects. It is very important to have knowledge about the different types of gemstones available. Pearl is a gemstone worn for enhancing the powers of the Moon. 

Astrological Benefits of Pearl 

Pearl is regarded as a cold gemstone, which signifies softness, beautiful eyes, infants, beauty, passions, etc. This particular gemstone is used for removing the ill effects caused by moon and also strengthens the mind force. By wearing pearl one can enjoy a good sleep. This particular gemstone is mostly worn by women’s as it makes them more beautiful. The other benefits of pearl are that it builds good harmony among couples. If pearl is worn with Rudrakshs it helps in solving issues like pessimism and depression. It offers good memory power and helps in treating eye diseases, insomnia, heart issues, etc. 

Who Should Wear?

People associated with medicine, perfumes, oil, arts, milk, ship building, beverages, export and import should wear pearl. Those who are involved in cinemas, agriculture, drama, photo studio, cloth, painting, sculpture can avail benefits from this particular gemstone. Moreover, people in law finance, music composition, and those who are involved in occupations involving landscapes, water sports, dance, music, singing, etc. can enjoy success by wearing pearl. Those who make sport products, stationary items, make up products will acquire benefits from pearl.

When Should a Pearl Be Worn?

It is auspicious to wear Pearl made of five, seven or nine carats. It should be made in silver and is suggested by the astrologers to wear on Monday before ten in the morning. Before wearing it, you should wash the gemstone properly in holy water and milk. After this the pearl should be kept on the feet of Lord Shiva and then it should be worn.  

Effects of Pearl on Each Zodiac Sign

The gemstone, pearl does not suit everyone. Here, you will find a short description of effects of pearl on different zodiac signs.

Aries: Pearl is regarded as good gemstone for Aries as Moon rules on the 4th house of pleasures and assets. This particular gemstone offers great pleasure.

Taurus: It is suggested that people coming under this sign should avoid wearing pearl. 

Gemini: People who belong to this sign should wear Pearl if moon is present in the second house or in the tenth house. 

Cancer: For people who come under this particular sign, regards moon as auspicious. These people will achieve success and prosperity by wearing pearl.  

Leo: People should wear pearl if moon is in the tenth house. 

Virgo: One should wear pearl when the moon enters in the ninth house or eleventh house.

Libra: Librans can get prosperity and good luck by wearing pearl especially when moon is placed in the third, fourth, fifth and seventh house. 

Scorpio: If you are one among those people who have moon in the fifth house and come under this sign, then it is better to avoid this gemstone.

Sagittarius: People falling under this category should avoid pearl.

Capricorn: People should wear pearl only during moon mahadasha. 

Aquarius: It is better to avoid pearl for Aquarians.

Pisces: They should wear pearl if moon is placed in the second or third house. 

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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