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Astrological Benefits of Emerald or Panna Gemstone

Wearing gems can help improve wealth, health, life longevity, power, personality and confidence. Gems are believed to contain certain minerals which influence the energy around the person thus restoring the balance of life and improve any deficiency if it is present. Emerald is also one of the gems that are frequently used for this purpose. 

Astrological Benefits of Emerald

Green emerald represents planet Mercury, the influencer of memory, speech, intellect, wisdom, travel and such others.  An individual with good planetary position of Mercury can become highly wise and also generous in nature. One can wear green emerald in order to influence their mercury position and if they are consistently facing problems in terms of their personality development. Emerald can cure diseases of stammering and memory loss and also bring perfection in speech. This gem is helpful for clearing legal disputes, litigations, loss of fund or when the person falls under the influence of any cheating or forgery. 

Emerald is also helpful in building career by bringing promotion and prosperity with strong intellect power. 

In case the person suffers from fickle mindedness, gastritis problem, asthma, heart disorders, insomnia, dysentery, ulcer and such others, they will greatly benefit. 

Sometimes emerald is used in combination with other gems to cure cancer, breathing troubles, stomach disorders, hypertension, brain tumor, eye trouble, nerve diseases and such others. 

Who Should Wear? 

In case the person is giving any competitive exams, they can benefit by using this gem. People in trade and businesses will also benefit. Other than that politicians, administrators, musicians, spiritual leaders, teachers, professors, judges, architects, people in computer profession and in bank or medicine can wear emerald. 

When an Emerald should be Worn?

Emerald can be worn in Wednesday in right hand little finger between 4pm and 6 pm. 

Effects of Emerald on Each Zodiac Signs

Aries do not usually wear this stone because their ascendant Mars is not compatible with Mercury. Becoming the lord of the third house, mercury in future can influence wealth and health of that individual negatively. 

Taurus is greatly benefited by using this stone. They are usually advised to wear this stone with diamond.  

Gemini can greatly benefit with this gem because for them it is their jeevan rattan.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person. 
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