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Who should wear a Ruby ring ?

Astrologically ruby is a gemstone to enhance the effect of sun in a horoscope. Sun is the one of the most essential  " graha " or planet which determines the strength of a horoscope. If Sun is weak it reduces the strength of a horoscope. Generally weak sun means lack of self confidence of the native under consideration.

There is two way to look into this matter when it comes to giving a remedy in the form of a ruby ring. One whether Sun is the ruler of good houses in a chart and second whether Sun is weak or not. If both the conditions are prevailing in a chart then the ruby gemstone is suggested to the native as an astrological remedy. 

Now we need to see when Sun is the ruler of good houses in our horoscope. For ascendant or Lagna Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries and Taurus Sun is the ruler of good houses. So if one belongs to the above asendants one can wear ruby to enhance the quality of the planet Sun in their horoscope. 
Sun is considered afflicted if Sun is the sign of Libra or close to Rahu ketu in a chart . This thing we need to see in Rasi chart as well as important divisional charts . But the good ascendant which I discussed in the previously is to been seen only from the Rasi chart. 

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