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Which human emotions one is likely to enjoy from love relationship except pleasure from Navamsa D9 Vedic Astrology chart ?

Navamsa is the chart of love relationship and internal feelings chart. Now we will see whether the company of your spouse brings which emotions in you. We will just see which of the planets are exalted , debilitated , own sign , mool trikona , friendly sign or inimical sign. Here lies the catch if Venus is powerful by being in exaltation, Mool trikona or own sign or friendly sign  one would enjoy emotional pleasures in order mention in the previously . But if Venus is in unfriendly sign or debilitation then one would not enjoy that much emotional pleasures.

For Jupiter if its good like Venus as mentioned earlier one would enjoy good advise from their lovers or spouse . And if Jupiter is placed in an unfriendly sign then one miss that wisdom in relationship.

For Sun if its good one would enjoy powerful self esteem or ego. And if Sun is bad then one would suffer from self esteem problems from love relationships.

For Moon if its good one would enjoy good healthy mental situations from love relationships. And if Moon is bad then one would have depression problems.

For Mercury if its good one would enjoy good communications or friendships with their lovers. And if Mercury is bad then one would the communication gap would be there.

For Saturn if its good one would work very hard successfully in relationship matters. If Saturn is bad then they would be lazy in relationship matters.

For Mars if its good one would be very positive and enterprising with respect to relationships. If Mars is bad one suffer from bad temper from relationships.

There are several other factors like the house occupancy , aspects and conjunctions which would be discussed in further articles.

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